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TWL Intense Non-Kiss Moments

Things We Love: Intense Non-Kisses

September 19, 2020 user-circle Carmel

Sometimes the slightest physical touch or an interrupted kiss has the greatest impact. Here are some intense moments that make us yell at our screens and ship the characters harder.

Orphan Black - No Context Header

LezWatch With No Context – Orphan Black

September 12, 2020 user-circle Carmel

I watched selected episodes of Orphan Black with no context to find out who I ship more, Shayisma or Cophine.

More LezWatchTV Staff Binge-Worthy Shows

Binge-Worthy Shows: More LezWatchTV Staff Picks

August 29, 2020 user-circle Carmel

Chances are you blew through your TV watchlist a while ago. No worries, the LezWatchTV staff is here with more binge-worthy show picks.