The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – November 29, 2021

Queerest Things - Jackie and Leslie

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I catch up with Big Mouth, Twenties, stress over Jackie and Leslie on Hightown and more.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Big Mouth – Season 5 [Streaming]

Big Mouth, a show both my teenager and I watch but NEVER together, dropped season 5 on Netflix on November 5th. This season they introduced the Lovebugs and Hate Worms to compliment the other cast of puberty feelings characters. Love and hate are the themes of this season and Jessie, who dealt with her mom coming out as a lesbian in previous seasons, is now exploring some gay feelings of her own.

Jessie develops a crush on Ali (played by Ali Wong) and her Hormone Monstress (Maya Rudolph, my favorite character) and Love Bug (Pamela Adlon) help her process these new feelings.

Jessi’s vagina, played by Kristen Wiig, also gets in on the processing.

The problem is, Ali already has a girlfriend named Samira which leads to some teen queer drama. You’ll have to watch to find out what happens.

9-1-1 – Season 5 Episode 7 “Ghost Stories [Halloween]” [Catch Up]

In my opinion, 9-1-1 has gotten really boring. My wife puts it on every Monday night, but I only half pay attention. However, to my delight, Hen’s ex Eva made an appearance on the Halloween episode! I do not want any harm to come to Hen and Ren, but I love the wake of drama Eva causes when she pops into an episode once a year.

Eva wants to pay Hen a visit, I wonder what it could be about!

9-1-1 - I'm leaving, Hen

Eva’s moving to Portland and wants to complete one of her sobriety steps and apologize to Hen on the way out of town. Hen stays pretty stoic. I think she’s scared of telling Karen about her Eva visit.

Telling Karen doesn’t go well.

My favorite part of that scene was Karen’s face upon hearing Eva’s name.

9-1-1 - Karen's shocked face

Karen then gets a little intense and drives to Eva’s apartment to confront her. How did she know her address? Karen tells her bad things happen when she comes around and she always feels second to her in Hen’s life.

9-1-1 - Ren and Eva

Eva assures her Karen is Hen’s #1 and she will never leave her.

Looks like Ren took those words to heart because she set up a romantic but fire hazardous bedroom scene for Hen when she came home. She told her she talked to Eva and has come to peace with her existing in the world.

That is sweet, but it looks like closure. I’m not ready for closure, I want more drama to wake this show up.

Batwoman – Season 3 Episode 7 “Pick Your Poison” [Live]

How did we get to the Batwoman mid-season finale already? This show is so good the episodes fly by!

If you recall, Sophie hooked up with Renee Montoya at the end of the previous episode. In this episode, she wakes up in Montoya’s bed and I guess Renee already ran off to work.

I’m really curious what’s in Montoya’s ‘fridge.

We never get to see it, because Sophie’s roommate Alice has run off with Mary who is turning into Poison Ivy, and now she and Ryan need to find them. A “walk of shame” to a Wildmoore rescue mission, what could go wrong?

Right in the middle of trying to figure out where Alice and Mary could be, Batwoman/Ryan does figure out where Sophie was last night.

“I am so happy you two found each other.” Ooooh, someone’s jealous! I love it. I feel spoiled by this show with the queer drama.

Renee wasn’t on this episode, which was a bummer, but Vicki Cartagena made up for it by having a presence on Twitter.

Perfectly Tweeted.

Later, Sophie is confessing her feelings of guilt to Luke.

I think Sophie should be easier on herself. She’s had a challenging 2.5 years and deserves some action with a hot investigator.

It looks like the show is making this a one-time thing so the Wildmoore train can keep rolling. I’m here for all of it and I can’t wait to see what happens when the show is back in January.

Legacies – Season 4 Episode 4 “See You on the Other Side” [Catch up]

I am doing my best to catch up on Legacies. I’m still an episode behind, but the general plot this season is Finch being on again off again with Josie because she can’t handle the fact her girlfriend has to perform a ritual (The Merge) with her twin on their 22nd birthday where only one of them will emerge alive. That’s fair, but you do go to a supernatural school so odds are someone you date will have to face a life or death challenge or 10.

If you want to avoid alcohol poisoning while watching Legacies, don’t drink every time someone says.

  • Malivore
  • The Merge
  • The Necromancer

They say these words more than they say “Vandal Savage” in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. To be honest, I have a hard time paying attention to all of the Big Bad plots. Josie recruits Finch into helping defeat Malivore which keeps her around even with her cold feet re: The Merge.

It seems to have worked because Finch is in even though she is scared.

That scene was really sweet and it was over a minute and a half! Teen wlw scenes don’t usually get that much screen time. Go, Legacies!

This love high doesn’t really last though, Finch again has to take a back seat to Saltzman Supernatural drama. I’ll let y’all know what happens when I’m all caught up.

Hightown – Season 2 Episode 6 “Behind Every Skirt is a Slip” [Live]

I have a confession to make. My wife and I are now for real into this show. It skipped a week and we missed it! Congrats, Rebecca Cutter, you won these two cynical lesbians over.

Jackie has been dating her police partner, Leslie, and in the last episode, Jackie texted “I love you” in a low-key, “You just sent me a pic of your boobs” way. I wouldn’t have taken it as a serious “I love you, let’s get married” way, but I guess Leslie did because she stopped texting back entirely.

Jackie lost her shit and started texting and calling 1,000 times. No, Jackie, no!! If she played it cool it probably would have blown over, but Jackie has no chill.

In this episode Jackie has a very bad day, everyone is mad at her and she runs into her ex-girlfriend at a bar and she makes it VERY clear to Jackie she’s moved on. Every minute you’re stressed thinking Jackie is going to jump off the wagon.

Towards the end of the episode, Jackie walks up to Leslie’s front door to talk to her. Leslie says their thing was just supposed to be fun and Jackie took it too far.

Hightown - Jackie and Leslie I don't feel the same way

Jackie said the exact thing I was thinking.

UGH! I really liked Jackie and Leslie. I’m not going to flip Leslie to straight just yet in the database. I want to see how things pan out.

The very last scene was Jackie showing up at her dad’s apartment for Thanksgiving and saying “yes” when he offered her a beer.

I was really enjoying sober Jackie, it made the show more interesting. I hope the rest of the season doesn’t go off the rails.

Twenties – Season 2 Episode 6 “Epiphany” [Live]

So far this season Hattie has been navigating her relationship with Ida B and trying to get her screenplay finished and out in the world. She joined a writers group with Idina, the barista from season one who Hattie turned down in, in my opinion, a really mean way. This season they were hanging out and getting to know each other as friends, until 2 episodes ago.

Hattie finally had enough of being Ida B’s secret and cut things off with her. I think it was a bit much to expect someone with that much fame to jump out of the closet so quickly, but no one out wants to be stuffed back in the closet. So good for her for standing up for herself. But literally the very next episode Hattie asks Idina out.

First, if I was Idina there is no way I would say yes after the way Hattie treated her last season. Second, Hattie broke up with Ida B a minute ago!! This is such a blatant rebound relationship! Last, why can’t they just be friends? Hattie doesn’t have any queer friends and the two of them have cute friend chemistry.

Then I tried to put myself back in my twenties. If I was crushed out on a girl who at first rejected me but then later asked me out, I would probably have said yes. But I am scared for Idina. My prediction is Hattie leaves her to go back to Ida B.

This week: It’s a relatively quiet week for Queer TV, so I’m going to try to play catch up with Legacies and Gentefied.

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