The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 24, 2021

Queerest Things - Moira and Oona

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Moira and Oona have a minute of cute dating before it goes to shit on The Handmaid’s Tale and Station 19 puts us on a Marina roller coaster.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 4 Episode 2 “Nightshade” [Live]

Here we are in the 4th season of The Handmaid’s Tale, a show I don’t enjoy watching but still stubbornly do. Our two lesbian ex-Handmaid characters, Moira and Emily, both made it to Canada as of last season. We don’t yet know how Emily and her wife Sylvia are doing, but Moira is dating!

Moira and Emily are working to place the airplane full of kids June freed from Gilead with their parents or foster parents. Oona is working for Emergency Relief for Refugee Relief helping Gilead refugees at a camp in Chicago.

Oona is soon going to back on another mission to Chicago and wants to spend some quality time with Moira, but she is too busy helping kids.

In a “grand romantic gesture” Moira shows up with Thai food as Oona waits for her Lyft.

Oona does talk her into going with her because a few episodes later, Moira finds June in Chicago!

Moira wants to take her back to Toronto with them, but Oona says they can’t because it may prevent them from doing any more refugee work. Of course, she does it anyway and gets June to Canada, but Moira and Oona break up over it.

Meanwhile, I hope they show us what’s going on with Emily and Sylvia. I have a feeling it’s not good.

Station 19 – Season 4 Episode 14 “Comfortably Numb” [Live]

This tweet Peter Paige made a couple weeks ago sent me into a panic.

If you’re a regular Queerest Things I wlw reader, you know I’m not a big fan of The Fosters (sorry, Fosters fans). And setting the bar at Stef and Lena level is not a way to get me hyped (sorry, Stef and Lena fans).

I also don’t watch the trailers because they stress me out. After watching over 446 episodes of Shondaland programming I have trust issues. However, some LezWatch Slack community members do (*cough*, Laura) and love to get me all freaked over upcoming Station 19 episodes!

My wife doesn’t watch Greys19 so I was on my own to ride this ride. My favorite ship on TV right now was in trouble and I had to see it through.

Make sure you fit the minimum height requirements and strap-in, folks. Here we go.

The big day we’ve been dreading has arrived — Carina is headed back to Italy because her Visa expired. Maya is procrastinating going home to avoid dealing with the reality of her leaving.

I am so glad Andy and Maya made up many episodes ago so Andy can help her through this relationship crisis.

This episode is already messing with my queer TV fan emotions with its ups and downs.


  • Maya mentioning proposing to Carina.
  • Andy saying, “You two are meant to be.”


  • Maya avoiding going home. GO HOME, Maya!

I’m like a conspiracy theorist thinking Andy is talking directly to me when she says, “You’ll get through this.” Also, I can never get enough of Maya looking so cute in her uniform.

Maya does eventually go home and it’s sad and awkward.

We got some new info in that scene. Maya is not out to her abusive dad and her mom went back to him. I feel bad for Maya’s mom. The tone set in this scene feels very realistic. It’s sad because Carina is leaving for an undetermined length of time (maybe she’ll never get her Visa renewed), there’s a lot of love because they love each other, but it’s also volatile and tense because this situation sucks! UGH. Maya does look cute in her hoodie and jean jacket though.


  • Maya trying to be flirty with the bathing suit.
  • Carina being sweet after Maya tells her about her mom.


  • Carina not responding to the bathing suit.
  • Learning about Maya’s mom’s situation

Speaking of the bathing suit, did you all recognize it from the episode where Maya and Carina go on vacation?

Carina continues to pack and things get tense.

And we have Maya’s first and second interrupted attempt to propose. I love/hate that, but it’s made even more complicated when Carina reveals she doesn’t believe in marriage. When I first met my wife I didn’t believe in marriage (I still think it’s a BS institution) and never wanted kids — look at me now!


  • Carina saying “sorry” when things get tense. I like how they try to remember to be kind even while arguing.
  • Maya trying to propose.


  • Carina throwing a wrench in the proposal. It’s only a medium-down because there has to be some conflict, right?

Also, thank you to Danielle Sarve for lightening the mood.

Oh, Gabriella. Here she is again poking at Maya’s insecurities.

This conversation has taken a downturn covering everything from hanging out with ex-sex friends to the complications of the US immigration system. The arguing feels very real and I hate it.


  • Maya puling the ex-sex friend card. It’s bad jealous not cute jealous.
  • Their fighting starting to get heated.

I couldn’t find any Ups. This is definitely a long hill down before another big up swing.

Carina pivots from being mad to feeling sorry.

This was one of my favorite scenes of the entire episode and not just because they banged at the end.

Carina is able to cool things down and the two of them take a moment to be truthful about the reality of the sucky situation and how much they love each other. Also, like Maya, I thought Carina wanted to go home. I’m glad they clarified she was only putting on a show for Maya to make things “easier.” “I didn’t find my home until I met you, bambina.” killed me.


  • Carina’s ability to calm the conversation down.
  • The two of them being sweet, loving and honest with each other.
  • Bon Voyage bang.


  • Maya being annoyed with Carina for apologizing too much.

This scene starts cute but then takes a bad turn.

Not only does Maya learn Carina never wants to get married, she still may want to have a baby one day.

Maya finally gets a kind of proposal out, “We could get married.” but it starts another downturn in the conversation.


  • Cute post-bang time with jokes.


  • Oh, no, the fighting is starting up again.

I hated this scene.

Why does it have to be break up or get married? Aren’t those two opposite points in a relationship? Also, excerpts from this scene is what Station 19 social teased us with before the show. WHY ARE THEY TORTURING US?

The scene continues…


I absolutely hate that Carina left on her own and didn’t let Maya take her to the airport. I hate the “Maybe we should break up/why won’t you marry me” fighting.


  • Everything about this scene.
  • Maya pulling the Gabriella card AGAIN. Stop it!

Carina rides to the airport while telling Gabriella what just went down.

I’m so glad Gabriella is here to be a snarky voice of reason.

Gabriella was such a dick to Maya when she visited them a few episodes ago I’m surprised she is team Marina. At this point I had some hope all was not lost.


  • Gabriella providing some snarky comic relief after that last scene.
  • Gabriella saying, “Even in grief you were at your happiest deep down inside your heart.”


  • Carina is still on her way to the airport.

Maya meets up with Andy at the hospital because Ben is being released from ball surgery. She tells her the whole story.

OMG. Thank goodness that happened because I would be a devastating mess right now if it didn’t. Now I’m a happy mess! Marina wedding! YES!

I absolutely love Carina getting her grand romantic gesture moment to compliment the one Maya had last season.

Well, I’m dizzy from that ride and not just from the overused orbiting camera technique in that proposal scene. I love Maya and Carina so much and for now my favorite ship is safe and happy.


There was a little Carina content on Grey’s.

Yay, Carina got her job back. All is well in Marinaland.

This week: Two sad season finales are happening tonight: All Rise and Black Lightning. I really enjoyed these two shows and I’m sad to see them go.

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