The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – March 15, 2021

The Moms Good Trouble

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, dust off your sad sponges, everyone! It’s a very Fosters episode when The Moms make a visit to Good Trouble!

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Good Trouble – Season 3 Episode 4 “Klompendansen” [Live]

Oh boy, it’s time to buckle in for a episode of The Moms on Good Trouble!

Eliza’s parents are throwing a Dutch-themed going-away party at their giant mansion of a house for her and Brandon before they go off to Amsterdam. Also, Stef is going away to Venezuela for a year and this is the last time the kids will see her before she leaves.

Here’s a rundown of who’s who in case you don’t remember:

  • Eliza Hunter is Brandon’s (Stef and Lena’s oldest and most annoying child) wife
  • Jaime Hunter is Eliza’s brother who just broke up with Callie
  • Diane and Jim Hunter are Eliza and Jaime’s conservative parents
  • Carter Hunter is Jamie and Eliza’s youngest brother and secretly dating Jude, Callie and Mariana’s youngest brother.
  • Corey is Stef and Lena’s last Foster child who came to live with them temporarily around the time all their kids graduated high school.

Too Long; Don’t Care: Almost all of the Adams Foster kids are dating or have dated all of the Hunter kids and their parents are polar opposites.

Whenever these families get together there are many secrets and hidden dramas happening below the surface. Eliza and Brandon have some big news. Jamie and Callie just broke up and have to be at this thing together. Mariana doesn’t want The Moms to know about her dating her ex-boss. Carter is in the closet to his parents. And mom and dad Hunter’s marriage has hit a “rough patch.” I’m probably forgetting something, but that is already a lot.

I mentioned this party was Dutch-themed and Diane has taken it to the extreme by forcing everyone to wear traditional costumes. Stef reacts exactly as you would expect her to.

The Moms on Good Trouble - There's no way in Hell I'm dressing up

Good Trouble Stef is so much more fun than The Fosters Stef.

To add to the drama, Jude’s first love, Connor, is on the party catering staff! That was fun.

The Moms on Good Trouble - You okay seeing Connor again

Did you see that? Stef and Lena kissed! They’re getting at least one sponge so far.

After a painful dinner of traditional Dutch foods, politics and a few secrets being let loose, Stef and Lena hide in the bathroom for a break.

Omg, I don’t think Stef or Lena has ever said anything that explicit before!

I know I’ve written hundreds of words dedicated to complaining about queer moms being portrayed as sexless, but now that they said it feels weird like your actual parents saying it. Anyway, Sponge Score is going up!

Eventually, more kids hide in the bathroom with them providing an opportunity for additional confessions to spill out. They can’t stay in there forever and Diane finds them as soon as they make their exit.

It’s so fun to see The Fosters cast do comedy. The Moms are definitely funnier on Good Trouble.

During dessert, Jim and Diane’s trip to Europe is revealed to be an effort to save their marriage. Things are not as picture-perfect as their giant house.

Stef and Lena are finally freed from their costumes and take a little time to process what just went down with Diane and Jim. Stef is surprised, but Lena says all marriages have their moments, even theirs (you think?). But with a strong foundation a couple can get through it.

Good Trouble - Very beautiful politician

Woah, kiss number two and “I love you”s?? The sponges are on fire.

One of the many sub-plots on this episode is Corey’s little 4-year-old sister needing a foster family. He didn’t tell Stef and Lena because he didn’t want it to look like a passive-aggressive ask. But he did tell Jude who in turn told his moms who then consider it because they can’t resist having a billion kids.

My mind went on a little roller coaster ride with this scene.

Omg, they are child hoarders! Who would want the responsibility of a four-year-old after they’ve finally finished parenting all these kids? Wait, foster parenting will keep Stef from going to Venezuela. “Frankie [the pregnancy Lena lost] wouldn’t be much older than Ka’maya is now.” Stef does have a point. Okay, why not, I’m on board.

The Moms have a cute Facetime call with Ka’maya.

They end the call with another kiss!

The episode ends with Stef and Lena’s grown kids confessing all the shit shows going on in their lives which makes Stef think parenting a four year old will be easy.

I'm looking forward to 4 year old problems

I dunno, Stef, four year olds turn into 14 year olds before you know it.

Not only is the end scene on Stef, Lena and Corey, The Moms kiss few more times! I swear the two of them have kissed more on this one episode than they did on entire seasons of The Fosters. The Moms should visit Good Trouble more often.

This was one of my favorite episodes of The Fosters and it all took place on another show.

Sad Sponge Score

With multiple kisses, 2 “I Love You”s and Stef & Lena being generally sweet to each other, I give this episode FIVE sponges with the 5th on on fire for Stef’s sex comment.

This week: I am so happy Shondaland (and Marina, my current favorite ship) is back, but the crossover last week was emotionally exhausting! I’m a little scared to see what shape Carina is in this week.

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