Re-“Hack”-ing the Past

Re-“Hack”-ing the Past

Hacks returns tomorrow for a second season, and this time it has to reinvent itself.


Hacks comes back as fun as ever, and as self-indulgently messy as it always is. If you like comedy, you should watch the second season on HBOMax.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

What Hackened?

When we last left legendary Las Vegas stand-up comedy diva, Deborah Vance, she’d imploded. Crashed and burned. Deborah’s final Vegas show was a flop. At the same time, Ava Daniels, the writer trying to find herself after being canceled for a terrible tweet, now has to sort out how to save her career after mailing a hateful (but true) story about Deborah.

Ava has really just make every screw up possible, hitting each branch of the ‘stupid decision’ tree on the way down. She got into a fight with Deborah (which was legit) about Deborah not using the new material, but got slapped. In a fit of anger, also legit, Ava quits and emailed a production company the scoop about how much a jerk Deborah was. Only … Deborah ended up using the new material and apologizing.

What The Hack Now?

You can’t unring a bell, as the saying goes, and Ava realizes the email was read, received, and since she said she gave the company the right to publish it… they’re gonna publish.

The first hour back is a rapid, rabid, rush to crawl back to where they were and protect themselves from the mistakes made. Ava wants to hide the fact that she finked on Deborah’s problematic behaviour, and while Deborah claims to be making changes and becoming a better person, she still steps into her old patterns.

Meanwhile, back at the agency, everything is a mess and Jimmy is trying to help Ava, who just keeps self destructing more and more, while Marcus is dealing with his own drama.

What to Expect?

Disasters. And I mean that in the best possible way. Nothing goes well, from work to lunch to luggage. And it’s a hilarious run through mistakes coming back to bite you in the ass, even when you try to do everything right.

How long can Ava and Jimmy keep Ava’s wordvomit from biting Deborah (and themselves) in the ass? Will Ava’s incurable honesty come back to haunt her? Will Deborah forgive her if it all comes out? Okay we know that one is a likely no, because we’ve met her. But the best thing about this show is that people are people. They’re messy, complicated, and never really do what’s expected.

Check out Hacks tomorrow on HBOMax.

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