WonderCon ’23: Nerdom is Healing

WonderCon ’23: Nerdom is Healing

One of my biggest, saddest, takeaways from WonderCon ’22 was how dismally populated it was. And it was. Oh, people showed up on Saturday, but that was it. All three days? The floor was sparsely populated, masking was required, and it just felt weird.

Come a year later and we have people again! Lots of people. More costumes, no one gave anyone grief about a mask (or not, it’s no longer required in California), and in fact the only ‘fight’ I saw involved some Harry Potter fans. The Funko pop lines were around the hall, people had giant bags, and honestly there was a lot more to look at. Not only that? The rain came earlier than expected, so everyone could dress up and it wasn’t too hot or cold. Absolutely perfect.

What is still on the cusp of returning to the old ways are the actual panels, but I have a good feeling we’ll get there.

What New Came from WonderCon?

My favourite news is that my new favourite mainstream show (Quantum Leap) not only got approved for season two, but they’ve run right into filming! If you haven’t watched it, check it out if only for Mason Alexander Park’s awesome work as Ian, the non-binary genius who solves any problem thrown their way and sings a great karaoke. Oh and loves trivia.

The Walking Dead is betting more spinoffs, which we knew, but we got some look-ins and they’re branching out into new places. Zombie filled Manhattan? Sure why not!

From the press room rounds, a new show I’ve been a little iffy on, True Lies (yes, that show, made from that movie) surprised me with their awareness and commitment to improving diversity beyond just who and what we see on screen.

Around the Con

This year there were more dice vendors, more games, more things to checkout than before. The artwork on display was mindblowingly great and, more than anything, cosplay was back in force!

Next Year? We Go All In

The best news is that with this improving attendance, WonderCon ’24 is 100% a go, and I’m already excited to see what people will wear, what secrets will be revealed, and maybe another dip into Gaaays in Spaaace!

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