Watercooler Moments

Law & Order

When I was filling out the shows, I remembered Law & Order‘s sole lesbian, Serena Southerlyn.

If you didn’t watch, Serena (played by Elizabeth Röhm) was in 85 episodes. In ep 85, her character was fired and her second to last line was “Is this because I’m a lesbian?”


Series creator Dick Wolf wrote the scene and explained at the Television Critics Association press tour that he had asked Röhm “Do you want to go out with a bang or a whimper?” In his own words, the scene was “unabashedly a water-cooler moment. And the fact that we’re discussing it shows that I think it worked as a water-cooler moment.” The show’s main online chat room “crashed 15 minutes after the show was over.”

I’m so glad you’re pleased, Dick, but looking at it from our point of view it’s exploitative television.

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