Stand Against Bullying

Stand Against Bullying

Today is Spirit Day. It’s a day GLAAD asks us to take a stand against the bullying of LGBTQ Youths. Among other things, they’re trying to raise $100,000 for the cause.

Why does any of this matter? While we’re about the fictional queer ladies, the real world is doing a pretty lovely job making what happens on TV seem normal. We’re dealing with one of the more deplorable election cycles in the US, and the basic human rights of LGBTQ people are being denied. We cannot possibly claim that the tenor of the real world isn’t impact that of our fictional obsessions.

And we’re not the only TV-Adjacent group that feels that way. Everyone from Wynonna Earp has been pretty outspoken about all this. Most of the actors have taken photos of themselves in full support of Spirit Day, and people like Layne Morgan are making a plea for this as well.

Bullying shouldn’t be the norm.

Stand up.

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