January 2017 Roundup

January 2017 Roundup

Well. This year is off to a pretty shit-tastic start, isn’t it?

Real world politics aside, this is the first time in months I haven’t had to list out the newly dead lesbians. Then again, most TV shows were on hiatus, so the number of ‘new’ lesbians was pretty low. However the ‘new to you’ number is pretty high, since we started adding in a lot of web series.

  • 146 New Characters
  • 52 New Shows

You can see all the characters and shows added on the archive page for January 2017.

500 Shows!

We finally hit the 500 mark with shows, adding in my beloved Nikki & Nora as the honored number. I’ve known Liz Vassey for a long time (from my other fandom side-gig, I can tell you she is made of cool and exactly as sweet as you think she is). She also marched in the Women’s March in LA this month, so she walks the walk folks. For her, I made sure to give the little lesbian main-stream show that tried a special spot on this site.

Site News

We have a satellite site, LezWatch Commercials, which lists (you guessed it), all the queer female oriented commercials. It’s really small. We know.

We’ve also made public some data we’ve had for a while, and that is what format of show you’re watching. Like if you wanted to know how many web series we have, just check out the Web Series page!

You also may have noticed the URLs on things became singularized. That is, shows moved from shows to show. That’s to make URLs make a little more sense.

No Death

There were no LGBT+ Female characters who died in January 2017. Most US network shows were on hiatus until this week, so take that with a grain of salt.


I know everything is pretty shitty right now, and you may be thinking that this site is a stupid idea. Shouldn’t we be out there protesting? It’s okay to want to take a break now and then. It’s okay to, for self-care, spend time on a silly site that lists all queer females on TV.

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