Show #500: Nikki and Nora

Show #500: Nikki and Nora

I saved the 500th slot for something special. And I’m not just saying this because I happen to know Liz Vassey is made of cool.

Nikki & Nora is an amazing show with a stunning history. Back in 2004, UPN gave a pilot commitment to the idea of a show about a pair of lesbian PIs in New Orleans.

NIKKI & NORA (UPN, New!) – Writer/producers Nancylee Myatt (“Living Single”) and Leonard Dick (“Tarzan”) have landed a pilot commitment from UPN for a new drama about two lesbian private detectives based in New Orleans. The duo will executive the project for Warner Bros. Television.

This meant not that the show would be produced, but that a pilot would be. Sadly, 2004 was still too early for lesbians to star in a broadcast show, and UPN went with Veronica Mars instead.

In 2006, the pilot leaked and the internet, which as we all know is filled with lesbians, made a quietly loyal fan base. Even so, it took until 2010 for the producers and actors to try again, this time rebooting it as a web series which aired in 2014.

An Indiegogo campaign successfully funded the first season, but sadly wasn’t powerful enough to garner the ability for a second season.

Even so. Nikki & Nora cannot be called a failure. It wasn’t a rousing success, certainly, but it was a start of things that cannot be stopped. Maybe in another 8 years we’ll be able to see it again. The further adventures of lesbians in the Big Easy.

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