Keep Helping Wynonna Earp

Keep Helping Wynonna Earp

So if you’re not dead after the last two episodes of Wynonna Earp …

Nicole Taught having an actual gay meltdown after Waverly's cheerleading scene

… and frankly, I understand if you are – the cheerleading scene was Emily Andras at her best – let’s have a serious talk.

Wynonna Earp Is In Trouble

This is not the kind of show we get to keep for a long time.

I know, I said something bad, but it’s true. This is a show written by women, staring women, about women, with a healthy dose of snark at the patriarchal bullshit world we live in. It’s also on a third tier cable network that generally gets mocked for it’s name and it’s movies (Sharknado 3? Really?). It airs on a Friday night, which while is popular for X-Files levels of creepy shows, is also thought of as the Death Slot.

Nicole Taught: Oh. Did I hit my head and wake up in patriarchal bullshit land?

Basically it’s a show that has a lot going against it. Everything we like about it is a reason our universe would use as an excuse to cancel it, though those all boil down to this one: Not enough men would watch it.

Women Can Save It

But there’s good news! You see, there are things we can do to make our campy, fun, dark show last a little longer. And has laid out the guidelines to make it happen:

  1. Watch live and tweet
  2. Rewatch on your DVR within 48 hours
  3. Watch it On Demand
  4. Watch on SyFy (the website or the app)
  5. Tweet a bunch (and remember to use #WynonnaEarp when you do)
  6. Buy season passes on Amazon/Hulu/iTunes
  7. Tweet internationally!

That’s it! Seven steps everyone can do to make Wayhaught stick around.



Last season we used #NoChill to tweet our love for the show, and our voices were heard. So let’s do it again. Tell your story about the show and keep going. But as Bridget Liszewski reminds us:

.. always remember Earpers have #NoChill, but it’s also a #PoliteNoChill. Let’s use our powers for good, keep things positive and show our support. Just remember it’s usually the reluctant underdog who against all odds becomes the hero! Now go to work #Earpers!

Maybe Waverly’s point of view is a little intense…

Waverly Earp: Eat shit, shit eaters!

But let’s keep the story going. Here’s ours!

We Watched In Paris

This is a true story.

Tracy and I were in Paris for work (I know, we have incredibly weird lives) and during the After Party, we were exhausted. It had been six solid days of work and the party was super loud and we were hungry and cranky. Tracy turned to me and said “I just really want to go back to my Airbnb and watch Wynonna Earp.”

We ran like Revenants being chased by Peacemaker and caught up with her family. If you saw four Americans, dressed up for a party, babbling about Wynonna and WayHaught on the Paris Metro that Saturday night… yes, that was us. Once we got back, Tracy and I ensconced ourselves in the living room and she bought the episode on iTunes (thank you VPNs).

Weirdly, Tracy and I don’t watch TV together. I live in California, she lives in Philly. When we’re in the same location, it’s usually for work and we’re super work busy (and at least one of us is at a hotel). Getting to sit down and watch the episode, for the first time, together was a rare treat that left me thinking about how we could simulcast …

I admit, we did get distracted by weird parts of TV. We talked about our likes and dislikes, and how we both hate the ‘fade to window’ at the end of the episode. Which will have to be it’s own post. I’d forgotten how fun it was to watch a show like Wynonna Earp with someone else, though. And watching it after a beautiful night in Paris was, in and of itself, a wonder.

What About You?

What’s your Watching Wynonna Earp story?

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