TV Line: March is Gay Spoilers

TV Line: March is Gay Spoilers

If you keep reading this post, there will be spoilers for The Fosters  and Supergirl.

Tonight a new episode of The Fosters airs and TV Line has some spoilers for us:

I happen to think that Stef and Lena from The Fosters are one of the best married couples on television, despite their kids’ antics. I’d love to learn what’s coming up specifically for them. Any news? —JennR 
“Tonight’s episode (airing at 8/7c on Freeform) culminates in a big, epic, romantic moment between Stef and Lena that is not to be missed,” executive producer Bradley Bredeweg teases.

Meanwhile, we’re sans Sanvers for a bit thanks to a week off. And while I’m super salty about Mon-El, I’m quite fond of Sanders. I vaguely Cat Grant make a derisive comment about women who threw their lives away and thought they were complete with a man, which is literally what Kara said at the end of the last episode. This isn’t to say Maggie’s Ride or Die devotion to Alex is perfect. Alex needed a smack to the back of the head because that could have been very very bad. Still, Mon-El has caused Kara to lose her job and career.

If this doesn’t end with Cat coming back to tell Kiera that she’s throwing her life away, I’m going to be disappointed.

Not disappointed me is what happened after I read the spoiler that we get to meet one of Maggie’s exes!

Can you tell us anything about Supergirl‘s “Sanvers”? —Emma
During my visit to that CW series’ set, Floriana Lima confirmed, “We’re definitely going to learn a bit more about Maggie and how she came out of that whole ‘coming out’ [experience].” What’s more, in the Monday, March 27 episode, “An ex-girlfriend (played by Cedar Cove‘s Hayley Sales) shows up, and it’s a shocking moment for Maggie to run into her — while Alex is with her,” Lima teased. “We are just walking outside of yoga class, and it was one of those moments where I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve done that, run into an ex with a new partner!’” Scoop quiz: Now which half of “Sanvers” do you think is dragging the other to yoga?

Credit: TV Line

Also Lynda Carter will be back. So you know, yay!

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