When We Rise Again

When We Rise Again

ABC will be airing a miniseries called When We Rise, telling the stories of the LGBT heroes who pioneered the offshoot of the Civil Rights Movement. Starting with the Stonewall riots in 1969 (and actually showing it was started by a blank trans woman, not that weird made up white guy in the movie), the series will tell the history of gay rights in America.

The series is seventeen parts, with the first being two hours, starting on February 27th. Inspired by LGBT activist Cleve Jones’s memoir When We Rise: My Life in the Movement, it’s a miniseries to be watched.

We aren’t adding the show or characters to the site because they are all real people. The story is real. It’s based on real people who did amazing, real things. This site is for the fictional lesbians. But I will be watching the real stories of real people.

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