One Lesbian at a Time

One Day at a Time

Netflix has done it again with One Day at a Time. The Norman Lear helmed remake of his classic sitcom is modern without being edgy, fun without being sappy, oh and they namedrop Autostraddle.

But far more important than any of that is this. Elena, the eldest daughter, is a lesbian. And she comes to this realization over the course of the season.

This was not a decision made lightly, either. It wasn’t just “Hey, let’s have a gay, kids!” Producer Gloria Calderon Kellet sat down with the actress and her parents to make sure they knew what she was getting into.

“‘Just so you know, this is where we’re going with her character. If there’s any issues or problems with that, I need to know now. I need this to be something that you’re going to embrace and that you’re comfortable being the poster child for this.’ Because it doesn’t have enough of a voice, especially in the Latino community. We’ve never seen a 15-year-old girl come out on television before.”

— eOnline One Day at a Time’s Coming Out Storyline Is A Breath of Fresh Air

Should You Watch?


Should you watch this show? Yes. It’s 13 episodes right now, 31 minutes each, so enjoy a nice binge this weekend while you’re waiting for things like Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, and Sense8 to come back.

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