Web Series Spotlight: Rebecca Gold

Web Series Spotlight: Rebecca Gold

This week a new web series, Rebecca Gold dropped, and I was lucky enough to get to watch the whole series. I’m here to tell you to watch it.

The premise is simple. A highly skilled assassin goes rogue when she encounters her high school crush. As one might predict, they run into each other on a case. Agent Nine goes off the rails when she doesn’t quite follow protocol with her crush.

Oh come on, you knew what had to happen, right?

But that’s where the story goes even weirder. See, instead of making this a romp comedy about missed connections (which don’t get me wrong, is fun as heck), Rebecca Gold turns left and goes dark.

It’s only five episodes, each five to seven minutes long, and they all fun. I watched them in a rush and wished I had more than 25 minutes to enjoy. The series is filled with geek jokes (from Star Wars to Hitchhiker’s Guide and everything in between) and the ending … Well. I’ll let you watch it for yourself when it airs.

Until then, check out the trailer and watch Rebecca Gold.

Screener Review On Rebecca Gold

Lesbian assassins, pizza deliveries, and a fun adventure. The show is gold.


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