The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – October 1, 2018

Queerest Things - Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, it’s the big, 2-episode Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale, and Grey’s is back with its queer characters.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Burden of Truth – Season 1 Episode 9 “Home to Roost” [Live]

On this episode the lawyers representing the bad guys are planning their strategy. They chose to go after Molly (Luna’s girlfriend) first.

Burden of Truth - The Gay Thing

“The Gay Thing” strategy, is that like the Twinkie Defense?

I don’t know how The Gay Thing’s going to work out. All the other sick girls are straight and don’t have the “psychological pressures” of being closeted lesbians. Plus Molly and Luna are not in the closet anyway!

There is only one episode left, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 15 Episode 1 & 2 “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire; Broken Together Part 1 & 2” [Live]

Grey’s is back for season 15! When people say to me, “That show’s still on the air?” I get it, the show has jumped many sharks; however, I want it to keep going because I think Shonda Rhimes is a legend, and I want her to have the longest running drama of all time.

If you remove all the animated shows from that list, Grey’s is now in 9th place. If it gets renewed for another season, it’ll jump to 6th place (passing ER). Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and NCIS will need to go off the air first before she can climb all the way to the top, but I want to see her there.

On the big two-hour premiere, we saw all our queer characters: Carina, Casey and Taryn. Whew! I was glad all three of them got decent screen time. I was worried queer stories would be faded out without Arizona still on the show.

Taryn even got a very important life lesson (maybe the most important one) from a queer elder.

Grey's Anatomy - I spent 35 years of my life falling for straight women

Will any of our three characters get a ship this year? I really hope so.

BoJack Horseman – Season 3 Episode 5 “Love And/Or Marriage” [Binge-watch]

I didn’t have any interest in watching BoJack Horseman until I heard a story on the Nancy Podcast about it and some very enthusiastic recommendations from folks on Twitter, so I decided to give it a try.

I did not like it. The animals having sex with humans grossed me out, and I thought the humor just trying to be over-the-top crude and not clever.

But then after powering through season one it started to get better and then it got good. The show turns into a really well-done drama vs. just an adult cartoon with dick jokes.

In this episode, BoJack and Todd crash a lesbian couple’s wedding rehearsal dinner, and while giving a speech, BoJack inadvertently talks one of the half of the couple, Taneisha (voiced by Tessa Thompson), out of marrying her fiancee, Karen.

He talks her back into it later and the wedding is on again.

BoJack Horseman - The wedding is back on

I’m hooked on this show now. I’ll report back on any more notable queerness I see during the rest of my binge-watch.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 1 1 “Daddy Lessons” [Live]

Here we are, the big two episode Wynonna Earp season three finale! I’m going to do my best to interpret what the heck happened.

The show opens with Waverly and Nicole looking over Charlie’s dead body. They are deciding if they should tell Wynonna Doc Vampire-killed him or not when Nicole gets an SOS call on her radio. Nicole has to go deal with that and leaves Waverly with Charlie’s body.

Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale - Stay Safe

Whew, that forehead kiss had Stef and Lena levels of passion.

Two sad sponges.
I give it two sad sponges.

After Nicole leaves, Waverly touches Charlie and the ring brings him back to life! Waverly is freaked out and runs out of the room.

Waverly saw the ability to raise someone from the dead as a sign that she needs to be the one to take on Bulshar. Wynnona is not cool with that and knocks her out, locks her in a box on her truck, and brings her to Nicole. She tells Nicole she needs to drive Waverly out of the Ghost River Triangle and keep her there so she’s safe.

Nicole says she can’t take a road trip right now because she’s the sheriff of a town under siege.

Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale - Blazing phoenix tattoo

Just then Carlie comes strolling up. Nicole looks like she’s seeing a ghost because when she saw him earlier that day he was dead. Wynonna didn’t know he was dead, and she asks him to take Waverly out of town.

Charlie drives her, but not away and out of town; he takes her to her mother’s greenhouse. That seems like the worst place to be to avoid the whole end-of-the-world Bulshar showdown.

In the greenhouse Waverly starts talking to Charlie about Wynonna, but he wants to change the subject.

Waverly asks him about his family, and he says he doesn’t remember anything about them. He says he only remembers walking into Purgatory. At that point Waverly touches him with the ring, and they both see a flashback of him walking into the Fire Station telling the Chief he “only wants to help people.”

Just then Charlie hears a car pulling up and says they need to hide. It’s Doc, and he’s after Charlie. While hiding under a table, Charlie starts to remember more, and Waverly starts to clue into the fact that he’s not Charlie; he’s actually her father Julian!

Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale - Julian the angel

Wow, I am bad at Sci Fi. I did not see that coming at all.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 12 “War Paint” [Live]

Waverly makes it back to the Earp Homestead where Wynonna has assembled an army of Revenants to fight Bulshar. Waverly tells her all about Carlie/Julian and Doc being evil vampire Doc. Wynonna does a few rounds of, “woah, I slept with your dad,” and Waverly says she needs to go find Nicole.

Meanwhile, Nicole is at Kate’s house after patching her up from a gunshot wound inflicted by Doc. Nicole is starting to worry about Waverly.

Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale - Sorry I just really like her

Then a bunch of Bulshar’s minions bursts into the house. Kate and Nicole knock them all out, but during the fight, Nicole gets stabbed in the side. While walking from Kate’s house to the Earp Homestead, Nicole passes out from the wound, and you see the feet of someone finding her. It turns out that someone is Doc, and he carries her the rest of the way.

They bring Nicole into the barn, and Julian says he can fix her.

Wynonna Earp Season Three Finale - This is the love of your daughter's life

Julian gives Nicole some angel reiki and heals her.

After that a lot of stuff happens. Bulshar and his army invade the Earp homestead, and there’s a ton of gunfire. Bobo captures Wynonna, and she almost gets her head chainsawed off. Then Doc helps shoot some bad guys, and Julian saves her. Bobo stabs Julian with his sword, and then Waverly kills Bobo with the ring she got back from Julian after he saved Nicole. Also somehow Bulshar lifted the Earp curse, but I’m not sure how.

Waverly tries, but she can’t resurrect Julian a second time.

Finally Waverly and Nicole are reunited. I never understand when a couple reunites on TV after one (or both) of them almost dies, and they’re not more excited to see each other.

I think that was a proposal scene. Waverly wants to put a ring on Nicole after losing her father. Of course Wynonna interrupts before we can hear Nicole’s answer.

Before the big battle Wynonna does shots with the Unkillable Gay Squad, but psyche — she actually drugged them so they will stay safe. All of them pass out except for Waverly, and the two sisters go to the steps to battle Bulshar.

Waverly pulls the sword out of the steps and hands it to Wynonna. The sword used to be Peacemaker, and it flames up in her hands. She impales Bulshar on the sword, but right before he dies, he manages to get a bite in Wynonna.

Waverly can’t get to her because she’s trapped on the steps. Doc runs in and is able to suck the venom out of Wynonna’s neck and save her. Waverly, however, gets dragged into the door at the top of the stairs by vines. Doc is somehow able to get past the force field around the stairs and goes in after her.

Wynonna goes back to the homestead and everyone is gone. She then goes to Shorty’s, and only Nedley is there. He says there’s no one left in town except the two of them. Wynonna tells him they’ve all been taken to the Garden, and she and Nedley need to get them back. Also, Nedley drops the “F bomb,” that was fun.

The end of season three.

Hm, okay, I don’t totally understand what’s going on, but I’m fine with a cliffhanger knowing we are getting a season four.

We’ll all have to wait and see if Nedley and Wynonna save the rest of Team Earp, and what Nicole’s answer is, next Summer on season four.

Shameless – Season 9 Episode 4 “Do Right, Vote White!” [Live]

It’s the 100th episode of Shameless!

It’s breakfast at the Gallagher house and Debbie’s not there. Lip says she went out with friends to see a show last night. Frank, of course, thinks she hooked up with some guy, but actually she stayed over at Alex’s.

Shameless - Alex and Debbie
I’ll make you waffles for breakfast.

During breakfast, Alex makes this proposal.

Woah, it’s only been a minute. Shameless can check Lesbian UHaul scene off its stereotype bucket list. This show has the ability to take something interesting and immediately turn it weird.

Debbie comes home and tells Carl she’s in love.

Shameless - I'm in love

Carl tells her she can’t be a lesbian because she has a kid. All the Gallaghers are having a hard time believing Debbie could possibly be gay. But regardless of that, Debbie tells him they’re in love and moving in together.

Later we have a montage set to music of Debbie trying on clothes to make her look more dykey.

Shameless - Debbie trying to dress gay

Even though I literally own this exact outfit (minus the handkerchief), Shameless can check a “trying to look more gay” scene off its lesbian stereotype bucket list.

Later, Alex and Debbie are hanging out and Alex is telling Debbie that she’s been engaged twice before (lesbian serial monogamist – check!) and then Debbie starts rambling about sex with dudes vs. sex with a woman.

Shameless - Having sex with a girl is like having sex with yourself

That look on Alex’s face is like, “Oh no, straight girl alert — get me out of this relationship!”

Where are we at now… four stereotype checkboxes? The clueless straight girl saying ignorant stuff about sex with woman while sleeping with one? Where is this going? Are we supposed to believe all the Gallaghers telling Debbie she can’t be queer?

The next morning Alex is obviously disturbed and leaves without saying goodbye. When she gets back home, Debbie is still there and wants to know if she did something wrong. Alex tells her she mad at herself for falling in love with a straight girl. Debbie insists that she’s gay, but Alex doesn’t believe her.

Shameless - you just hate men

And we end with checkbox five — falling for a straight girl.

Guess what, people can like more than one gender. I hope this show redeems itself and has Debbie, and everyone else, realizes she’s bi. We’ll see what happens next week.

This week: it’s the Burden of Truth season one finale, and Station 19 comes back! We get to see what fire fighter Maya is up to.

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