The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Feb 5, 2018

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Feb 5, 2018

There weren’t many Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, but I have a lot to say about what I did see. Like my firefighter wish was granted, and The Fosters was actually entertaining.

  1. The Fosters – Season 5 Episode 13 “Line in the Sand” [Live]
  2. There were actually some funny moments on this episode of The Fosters. While the kids did stuff I didn’t pay attention to, Stef has plans to go out to dinner with Tess (high school crush/neighbor) and Jenna (funny friend who is flirty with Tess). To make this dinner even more awkward, Tess’ husband asks Stef to talk to Tess because “something is up with her.” That something is a case of the “I may be gay.” Stef winds up sick in bed and sends Lena in her place.

    The dinner was hilarious. Stef is texting Lena from her sick bed at home.

    Stef and Lena look happier together on Lena’s phone lock screen then they ever do on the show.

    The texting continues as Stef tries to get Lena to box-block Jenna.

    It’s not really working.

    Lena tries saying things like “So…marriage, right? It is not easy.” She goes on to say you have to work things out for the kids, and the grass isn’t really greener. Jenna is all you can’t stay in a marriage when you’re not happy.

    Lena comes home frustrated with the whole thing and says if Tess wants to explore her sexuality, it’s none of her business. She says she doesn’t care and neither should Stef. It looks like Stef does care because later when Tess wants to talk about Prom, Stef tells her she needs to either talk to her husband or knock it off.

    I am 100% on board with someone having an affair before this show goes out. I like drama in my fictitious drama, and this show has been a snooze-fest with the adult queer women.

    Let’s see what we have for The Stef & Lena Passion Index this week.

    They’d get points for the kiss, but the push away and back turn cancel some of it out.

    I give it 1 sad sponge.

  3. Black Lightning – Season 1 Episode 3 “Lawanda: The Book of Burial” [Live]
  4. On Black Lightning last week, Anissa is at a bookstore trying to do research on her newfound powers, and we got to see her and Grace’s meet-cute!

    At a bookstore talking about nerd stuff and comics…how perfect is that? Grace tells Anissa about a Cosplay party at the a bar she works at and invites her to go.

    Anissa gets dressed up in spandex and goes to the party. Meanwhile Cheena…I mean Chenoa walks in on the two of them dancing, and she’s PISSED.

    Well those two are over, but that’s ok I know Grace is Anissa’s girlfriend in the comics.

    Later, the Lightning family is in the hospital after Jennifer’s boyfriend is injured, and Lynn can tell there’s something up with her daughter. She also recalls the story of Anissa coming out to her.

    She said the word “lesbian!” That word is almost never said on TV in a non-joking way.

    Mama Lightning is trying to dig into what’s going on so Anissa tells her that she and Chenoa broke up. Mom’s not buying it, she knows there’s something else.

    I love this show. Anissa’s gayness is matter of fact, but it’s not the source of her troubles and even mom knows it. I wonder if she’ll react with silence then hugs when she finds out Anissa has superpowers.

  5. 9-1-1 – Season 1 Episode 5 “Point of Origin” [Live]
  6. Folks, I called it back in January. The TV Universe heard my female queer firefighter request, and Hen was revealed as a lesbian on this episode!

    During a conversation between Hen and Athena, you learn Hen has a ex in prison who called and told her she urgently needs her to visit. You also learn that Hen currently has a wife, and she adopted Hen’s son who Hen and the ex had together.

    The reason for the urgent visit request is Eva has a parole hearing coming up, and she wants Hen to testify. Hen definitely feels torn, also she hasn’t told the wife about the prison visit yet.

    Later in the park, we meet Hen’s wife, Karen, and she’s Joanne from RENT!

    Karen is not happy that Eva is up for parole or the about the fact that Hen went to go visit her.

    I am very intrigued by Hen’s backstory, and I can’t wait to learn more and see how it all unfolds.

  7. Jane the Virgin Failure – Season 4 Episode 6 “Chapter Seventy-Three” [Live]
  8. While Petra is talking to her lawyer, Jane Ramos, Jane makes it known that she has an ex-girlfriend!

    That entire statement is so meta.

    Peta tells her that she wants to call her “JR” instead of Jane, because she already has a Jane in her life. Jane doesn’t like that and says if she calls her JR then Jane is going to call Petra “Peter.” We all know JR is working for someone who is an enemy of Petra, but we don’t know who it is yet. Whoever they are, they want JR to get a copy of blueprints from Petra.

    Later JR comes over to Petra’s place with a bottle of wine to thank her for getting her mom an appointment with a memory specialist. While they’re hanging out, I guess Petra talks about her conflict with Jane a bit too much because JR says this.

    Woah! Also, don’t you feel like this whole scene on the couch with the wine is trying to get the audience to ship these two? At least the queer audience, including myself, is going to fall for it.

    Especially with lines like this.

    I know JR’s a bad guy, but I ship this 1000%. Characters can switch from bad to good 10 times on this show. It is a telenovela after all.

    With encouragement from JR, Petra makes up with Jane.

    OMG they already have pet names for each other. But, oh no, now JR’s going to turn the blueprints over to whoever she’s really working for. I don’t know if it’s going to be Rose, or the cops, or she’s going to pull her face off and be Rose. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying Rosario Dawson playing a queer character.

I’m excited to see where all of these stories go this week. AND countdown to 7 days until Legends comes back!

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