January 2018 Roundup

January 2018 Roundup

Welcome to 2018.

  • 44 shows added
  • 127 characters added
  • 4 characters died

Looking Back at 2017

2017 was a rough year. Not as bad for queer TV as 2016, but still pretty tough. Loosing Sanvers, Orphan Black, and Sense8 hurt. There were some bright spots, though, like getting One Day at a Time, The Bold Type, a Carmilla movie, One Mississippi‘s second season, and The Good Fight. In fact, there was a huge amount of data that flowed into the site…

I mean, if you want it by the numbers:

  • 33 characters died
  • 97 blog posts were made
  • 357 shows were added to the site
  • 1180 characters were added to the site
  • 2150 actors were added to the site
  • 305 of the shows we track were on the air
    • 76 shows were new in 2017
    • 70 shows ended in 2017

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Actors? Actors!

This is all Tracy’s idea. She looked at the statistics of the site and pointed out people were looking for more information on the actors. So I took the data we had and wrote got to auto-populate 2150 actor pages. This did not work perfectly. There were a few glitches and some people got mislabeled (seriously — all the gay men were broken) but we’ve cleaned up the majority of the data. If you find people we’ve gotten wrong, please let us know and we’ll fix it right away. Tracy’s going through every single actor, by hand, to personally verify. It’ll take a while, but I promise we will get this right.

No More BYG

Bury Your Gays (or Bury Your Queers) has been the name of a few tools we made for people. There’s the Amazon Echo Skill and a WordPress plugin that both went by that name. Yes. Were. Both have been renamed and rebranded to be more positive. This was because a few people got very confused about the intent, to the point that I actually had a phone chat with Amazon.

You can install LezWatchTV News on your Echo and ask it all sorts of new things now.

Queerest Things of the Week

Tracy’s been knocking it dead with her weekly posts about the queerest things she’s watched in the previous week. She started it in November, and I love it. I make a point not to read it before she posts it, and then I run back and catch up on things I missed. She even gave Ten Days in the Valley a special recap, because the finale was so amazing.


I’m a geek. I was so damn excited for this that I went underslept and binged. Of course, it was the morning after my wife’s birthday, so I didn’t get to do it all in one go. That’s okay, it let me write a series of posts about the show. Sorry/not-sorry. If you haven’t watched One Day at a Time yet, go do it. Yes, I know it’s about an Iraqi vet who’s a nurse, single mom, with two kids, and a weird mom, but it’s good. It’s beyond good. It’s great. You can read my reviews (complete with behind the scenes info):

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