The Bold Type is Back (And So is Kadena)

The Bold Type is Back (And So is Kadena)

The Bold Type is back and the new trailer for season has dropped. From it we can determine the following: Life isn’t getting any simpler.

Where We Were And Where We Are

Last season, Kat fell in love with a girl and got on the plane to be with Adena (and possibly quit her job…). Sutton finally got the job of her dreams, broke up with her secret boyfriend, and hooked up with a coworker who has a crush on her. And Jane? She finally had an orgasm and left her job to try something new.

When we catch up, Sutton still has her job (yay), there’s no mention of her boy troubles (but her boss, Oliver, was bumped to a regular), and now she’s paying for unexpected “party favours” (only $500? In NYC?). Kat’s back and her parents have met (or are meeting) Adena. I heart Kadena. And Jane… Jane’s not fitting in at the new place.

That’s a lot! And we’re missing sight of the fabulous boss extraordinare, Jacqueline. I know she’ll be back, but Best Boss Ever may not be willing to welcome Jane back with loving arms. It’s hard to say. Jane’s boyfriend, Pinstripe, will also be back in some capacity.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Kat navigates her first girlfriend, but clearly they’re pretty serious already. You can make your own U-Haul jokes, I know you know them. I’m also excited to see how her therapist parents handle this. They could either be awesome or … well. It’s a drama. I know what to expect. Lots of miscommunication and awkwardness.

By the way…. how is Adena coming back to the US? I thought her Visa was revoked…

Season Two In June

The two-hour, season two, premiere will be on June 12, 2018. Make a unicorn martini and buckle up for the ride as these young women figure out the next step in their lives. Will Kat mature? Will Sutton stand up for herself? Will Jane experience another orgasm?

Find out this spring when The Bold Type is back on Freeform.

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