The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 23, 2018

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 23, 2018

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, the Jane The Virgin season 4 finale delivers a major surprise; I fall in love with For the People; and Grey’s has fun with lesbian gratitude cookies.

  1. For The People – Season 1 Episode 6 “Everybody’s a Superhero” [Live]
  2. If you’ve been watching this new Shondaland legal drama, you know Kate Littlejohn is a bit of a mystery sexuality-wise. She’s all about business, focusing on her work and being impatient with everyone around her.

    Her co-worker Leonard tries asking her out repeatedly without any success until he asks her, “Are you not into guys?” And she replies, “It has nothing to do with gender.”

    In this episode Seth brings Kate into a meeting with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) to “back him up,” and instead she winds up siding with ATF agent Anya Ooms. After the meeting, Anya thanks her and asks her for her number in a flirty way. Kate gives her her card in a 100% business way.

    For the People - Anya gets Kate's Phone number

    That night Anya calls Kate wanting legal advice. Someone approached her confidential informant and asked them to kill someone for $5,000. She wants to go in there and arrest them, but she wanted to run it by Kate first. Kate tells her she doesn’t have enough solid evidence; they need the request on tape in order to make an arrest. Anya doesn’t want to blow her CI’s cover, so she’ll get an undercover agent to pose as a murder-for-hire and get the request on tape. Anya also wants Kate’s help on this.

    For the People - I want you Kate Littlejohn

    After Anya and Kate pick their undercover agent, Anya wants to know if Kate wants to take a break. Kate refuses to stop working, and Anya asks her what her deal is. She asks her personal questions like where she’s from, where did she go to school, does she have pets? Kate says, “All of that sounds like stuff you talk about on a break.”

    After more questions, Kate just puts on her headphones.

    For the People - Headphones

    I love this scene because it’s the way my wife and I were when we met. I tried being friendly and flirty while she hard ignored me for months. Also I love the contrast of messy/clean desks.

    When Anya and Kate are planning out the actual sting, Kate lets some personal information slip about where she went to school and what she studied.

    For the People - Sounds like a break

    On the actual sting operation, Kate is enjoying being in the van and thinks it’s more fun than doing boring lawyer stuff.

    For the People - We should do it again

    Kate is still not taking the flirt bait.

    After the sting is a success, Kate is happy but says a very business-like goodbye to Anya.

    For the People - Handshake

    That night, however, Anya calls Kate for more “legal advice.”

    For the People - Anya asks Kate Out

    They go to the gun range like Anya proposed in the sting van, and Kate finally lets her guard down.

    This was a perfect little episode of television. I absolutely love the these characters together. I hope we get to keep them for more than just one episode!

  3. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 20 “Judgment Day” [Live]
  4. On the eve of 4/20, this episode of Grey’s was about half the hospital staff being stoned because Arizona passed out cookies she didn’t know had weed in them.

    Grey's Anatomy - lesbian gratitude cookies

    All of the stoned doctors eat snacks and process their various problems. Arizona is still buggin’ about the possibility of Carina leaving the country. Maggie asks her if it feels right with Carina.

    Grey's Anatomy - Callie Carina

    Whoops! Arizona called Carina “Callie.” Is this some kind of foreshadowing of how Arizona is going to leave the show?

    At the end of the day, Carina finds Arizona and tells her she heard about the cookies. Arizona was surprised she stuck around, and Carina says of course she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

    That seems to reassure Arizona.

    There are 4 episodes left of Arizona, and I’m still not sure where things are going.

  5. Station 19 – Season 1 Episode 6 “Stronger Together” [Live]
  6. I just happen to keep this show running after Grey’s last week, and they randomly had a lesbian stuck in the street confess to her friend that she had feelings for her as she’s being rescued.

    I’ve only been watching bits and pieces of this show, and one of our followers let us know it has a bisexual main character! I will have to add it to my weekly watching schedule.

  7. Jane the Virgin SURPRISE – Season 4 Episode 17 “Chapter Eighty-One” [Live]
  8. I spent all last week anticipating the Jane The Virgin season 4 finale, and wow, this one was a doozy!

    We start with JR and Petra being all cute in bed.

    Jane the Virgin season four finale - Love is in the Air

    Petra gets up to close the window. They made it really clear that we should be paying attention to the fact that JR likes to keep the windows open. JR is out of a job now that she’s been disbarred, so Petra makes a suggestion.

    JR said the L word! At this point I’m just enjoying all the Petramos cuteness. I know this is the finale, and things probably wont end well.

    Later Rafael and Petra are talking, and Raf can tell something’s up with her.

    Jane the Virgin season four finale - JR told me she loves me

    I love the look on Petra’s face when she says, “I think I do.” Raf doesn’t see a problem, but Petra says she’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Rafael tells her to just let herself be happy.

    Petra takes his advice and tells JR that she loves her, too.

    Sigh, it’s all so great, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop as well.

    While Petra is at Abla’s, I mean Alba’s party, she talks to JR on the phone.

    Jane the Virgin season four finale - Wardrobe malfunction

    Oh no, it’s the literal shoe. I knew the shoe actually being broken meant either Petra was lying, her mom broke the shoe to cause trouble, or something really bad was going to happen.

    When Petra comes home, JR confronts her.

    Jane the Virgin season four finale - I know you murdered your sister

    Finally, it all comes spilling out. Petra was lying that entire time. We got to see what actually happened that night.

    This whole thing broke my heart, but I do love when Yael Grobglas gets to do a Tatiana Maslany scene (she even said “sestra”). Also, note, they’re showing us the open window again.

    While JR is storming out the the hotel, she gets a call from Krishna in prison.

    #JRShotWho is pretty brilliant cliffhanger, but omg, who do you think that was? My theory is it was Anezka, she could probably climb through an open window. That way Petra didn’t really kill her in the first place, and now they have to deal with JR committing a crime in season 5.

    I know I usually only recap the queer part of shows, but I would be amiss if I did not mention the big surprise at the end of the finale.

    Rafael got disturbing news from Rose, and it changed his personality halfway through the episode. We didn’t know what it was until the very end when Raf asks Jane to come to his apartment.

    Jane the Virgin season four finale - Michael's alive

    Oh my f’ing God, it’s Michael. He’s alive! Wow! That is some cliffhanger.

    Thank you to the Jennie Urman and all the Jane the Virgin writers for an amazing season of television. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on season 5.

I was disappointed we didn’t get to see the aftermath of Maia’s hookup on The Good Fight this week, but according to the previews, it looks like we will next Sunday! I’m anxious to see how it all will go down.

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