The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 13, 2018

Queerest Things - The Bold Type season two finale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, it’s The Bold Type season two finale episode, and I’m ready to throw in the towel with Kadena. Also, Zoie Palmer makes an appearance on Wynonna Earp

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The Bold Type – Season 2 Episode 1 “We’ll Always Have Paris” [Live]

It’s The Bold Type Season Two finale, and the women are finishing the season with a big trip to Gay Paree!

At Adena and Kat’s apartment, Adena is in the zone with work, but Kat has a red eye flight that night and wants to spend some time with her girlfriend before she leaves. Adena says, “That’s tonight” in a “I totally didn’t remember my girlfriend is leaving for a week-long trip to Paris today” way.

Bold-Type season two finale - I can work tomorrow

Wow, Adena forced “this is more important” out with all the conviction of wanting to get back to work.

Just then the phone rings with good news for Adena — she’s getting her visa!

Bold Type season two finale- Adena gets her visa

I haven’t seen Adena show that much excitement…ever.

Adena tells Kat she needs to leave the country to re-enter it (okay), so why not go to Paris, because at the last minute, the whole cast is going to Paris!

While Kat and Adena stroll the streets of Paris, Adena runs into an art critic friend, Eliat. He’s all like, “Where have you been, girl? You disappeared,” grilling her about her work. Adena tells him she’s been working on something new, and he assumes she’ll be showing it at Coco’s (Adena’s ex who she cheated on with Kat) gallery. Adena says, “No, I’m not showing with her anymore.” The way she says it sounds like they’re not on good terms. She says they have to run and stops the conversation.

Bold Type season two finale - Enjoy Paris

Adena didn’t answer the question, she just put an end to the Coco topic.

I think it’s totally reasonable for Kat to think there is some bad feelings between Adena and Coco from that interaction.

Later when Kat and Sutton are hanging out, she tells her about Adena no longer showing in Coco’s gallery, and she thinks it may be because of her. She tells Sutton, “Something just feels weird.” Yeah, Adena is being obviously weird about something.

So what does Kat do to figure what’s going on? She meets up with Coco! This cringingly reminded me of the time Alex stalked Maggie’s ex outside her hotel room to confront her — never a good idea!

Bold Type season two finale - Meeting up with Coco

Coco’s sassy and bitchy. I think I want to trade her for both Kat and Adena.

Bold Type season two finale - Apology Accepted

The next thing Coco says is, “Are we done?” Can we please up her to a recurring character?

Kat asks Coco if she is the reason she wont show Adena’s work. Coco tells her no in a “don’t flatter yourself” way. She says she would love to show her new work, but she doesn’t have any. Kat asks her if that is unusual for Adena and Coco says, “Very.”

Bold Type season two finale - She hasn't produced anything

Oh, snap! I guess Kat is the reason she’s not showing her work, but not for the reason she thought.

Later, Adena shows up in the hotel room all happy because she’s officially getting her visa, and Kat’s like, “Um, I did this crazy and impulsive thing and I should tell you.”

Bold Type season two finale - I went to see Coco

Adena’s pretty pissed and reiterates the fact that she and Coco had an amicable breakup. Kat tells her she wanted to make sure Coco wasn’t blackballing her, but she did find out from Coco that Adena hasn’t produced any new work since they’ve been together. This was new news to her because Adena and Kat have devolved into having the worst communication skills ever.

Bold Type season two finale - I was feeling stuck

Adena explains that she and Coco had a very different relationship. They didn’t see each other that often, they were both busy and traveling. They didn’t live together like Kat and her do.

Kat’s like, “You had a lot more freedom, and that’s why you started producing more when we opened up our relationship.”

Let’s think about this situation for a second in the context of  Kat and Adena actually having chemistry and a passionate relationship. If Adena and Coco were casually dating and doing their own things, they could have room to focus on work and not be distracted with each other. On the other hand, if Adena and Kat really fell in full-on love, they’d be high on new relationship energy and in the Honeymoon phase. It would be reasonable for the two of them to dis other parts of their lives while in this phase. It would be a positive distraction and  love/work balance would even out after they got into the routine of their relationship.

That’s how they could have resolved this issue, but that’s not what’s happening, because Kadena sucks pretty bad.

Bold Type season two finale - Oppossite of a muse

Adena says, “Do you think I want to feel this way?” Kat answers, “I don’t know what you want.”

Adena wants more space, and Kat doesn’t want to go back to an open relationship. Their conversation is cut short because Kat has to get ready for the big Scarlet party, but then Kat goes into the bathroom and cries.

She should be crying in front of Adena to show her how she feels, but instead they hide so much from each other. For two people who can so openly talk about feelings for other people, they sure are terrible at talking about their feelings for each other.

Later Kat enters their hotel room wearing a sweet tuxedo jacket and Adena is not there. She gets a text from her saying she went for a walk to think.

At the party Kat fills Sutton and Jane in on what’s going on. As always, they try to cheer her up and tell her she inspires them to do great things, and they will always be there for her.

Bold Type - Apris Selfie

They enter the party, and that’s the end of season two.

Kat and Adena should just break up. I’ve gone from emotionally divested to annoyed by their relationship. It looks like that may not happen though, because filming has started for season three, and Nikohl Boosheri has been seen on set.

Maybe Adena could get hired by Scarlet, and that’s how she sticks around. That could be interesting.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 4 “No Cure for Crazy” [Live]

Waverly and Nicole are looking around in the woods for clues into the big Bulshar massacre Nicole survived. Waverly asks Nicole if she ever considered asking her parents about it. Nicole says they were fed the fake fire story like everyone else.

 Wynonna Earp - nice deflection, Michael Jordan

Thank you, Emily Andras, for portraying non-sporty queer women on TV. Representation matters.

Just then Waverly’s old friend Robin comes running through the woods. We learn he’s back in town; he’s a park ranger and needs to see Nedley. I was really surprised Waverly introduced Nicole as “Officer Haught” and not her girlfriend, especially since Robin is gay. I wonder if they will come back to that.

Later back at the station, the Unkillable Gay Squad™ is looking into finding older satellite photos of the area.

Unkillable Gay Squad

They’re so cute working together.

Wynonna and Doc come back to get more bullets for Peacemaker. Wynonna approaches Nicole and tells her she knows about the whole cult survivor thing.

Waverly’s like, “no more secrets, right?” Then Nicole counters by bringing up the fact that Wynonna kept Mama Earp being in jail a secret for years. Waverly wants them to stop arguing and admit they’re both sneaky, and instead, have each other’s backs for a change? Wynonna concedes.

Meanwhile, Doc lets everyone know they are all out of supplies – no bullets or anything. Now that Dolls is gone, the Black Badge pipeline has left with him. Waverly has some good news though! Since they lost their phones in the woods, she went home and was able to dig up their old flip phones.

Wynonna Earp - Delete your texts from Champ

Wynonna then asks Waverly if she is ready to visit Mama Earp in prison. She’s doesn’t think so, but Wynonna gives her all her her Mom’s police files including audio tapes so she can comb through all the missing pieces.

Even though Waverly isn’t ready to visit Mama Earp, her flip phone to the past tells her Michelle Gibson (Mama Earp) is being transferred to a more secure facility, and they need a signature first. Waverly says yes, she’s on her way.

When Waverly arrives at the prison, Mama Earp is freaking out saying, “Kill the demon!” until the guard tasers her.

Back at the station, Waverly tells Wynonna that Mama Earp tried to kill her. This puts Wynonna into sister protection mode, and she’s off to the prison. Wynonna tries to confront her during the prison transfer, and mama Earp manages to escape and Wynonna manages to get arrested.

While that’s happening, Nicole is consoling her girlfriend.

Nicole has Mama Earp’s police file, and it says she was arrested for setting the Earp barn on fire. Waverly is like, “Who goes to prison for setting their own barn on fire?” Nedley steps in and confesses to pulling a lot of details from Mama Earp’s file. He wanted to hide the fact that Waverly was in the barn when she set it on fire.

At home that night Waverly is up listening to her Mama’s tapes.

Wynonna Earp - Did she say anything helpful.

Even though the subject is dark, let’s take a minute to acknowledge how cute domestic Wayhaught is.

Doc busts in wanting good whiskey, and Waverly goes out the to barn to get him some. Sure, go out to the barn by yourself at night, nothing bad will happen.

She goes out to the barn, and of course, Mama Earp is there lighting candles around a pentacle.

WTF is that??

Meanwhile Wynonna escaped arrest and finally arrived at the Earp homestead to save Waverly and entered the house to find…Dr. Lauren from Lost Girl??

What that actual truck is happening? Jolene’s baked good have turned the gang into Stepford wives.

I LOVED seeing Zoie Palmer make an appearance and I can’t wait to see what her character’s all about this week!

The wife and I did start Orange is the New Black, and the first episode of the season was so bad my wife was ready to quit the show. We persevered, but haven’t gotten to anything queer that I want to give attention to. We’ll see if it gets any better.

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  • About Kadena, I wad feeling the same way but a friend of mine told me this : “Adena was always moving, like she said in the first season, she don’t have a real “home”. And on the other hand, this is the first “real” relationship for Kat. Adena is not ready to set in NY and Kat struggle with this because it’s the first time she is in an important couple. But at the end they both love each other so it’s hard.”
    I don’t really buy this because I am tired of sad lesbian couple but I think it’s an interesting point of view.

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