The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 27, 2018

Queerest Things - Wynonna Earpmas

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Earpmas is here, Queen Sugar season three ends low on the queerness scale, and I start to warm up to Orange is the New Black season six.

Queen Sugar – Season 3 Episode 10 “Here Beside the River” [Live]

The Queen Sugar finale happened last Wednesday, and while I love this show with every fiber of my being, I wasn’t super into this season. I did not like the Nova and Remy story line. Remy is my least favorite character — he’s boring and Nova deserves someone with more personality. Also, Nova should NOT be dating Charley’s ex! There are plenty of other men and women in New Orleans to choose from.

Charley is my favorite, and while she had some good moments of peak Charley-ness, I wish there were more.

I hope she gets the mill back from Samuel Landry’s sister (who I DO NOT trust at all), and season four starts with Charley and the Queen Sugar empire in her hands again.

There wasn’t a lot of queer in this season. Charley’s investigator mentioned her ex-wife and Nova’s family asked if it was a man or a woman when they sensed she was seeing someone. However, I was happy to see Antoine make an appearance when Ralph Angel had to go to the police station.

Fingers crossed we get more queer and more Charley bein’ a boss in season four.

Orange is the New Black – Season 6 Episode 4 “I’m the Talking Ass” [Streaming]

My wife and I had been putting off starting season 6, because the last couple seasons have been awful tragedy porn. But since we got Handmaid’s Tale over with, I guess it was time for something else to hate-watch.

During episode one my wife was seriously ready to quit the show, it was so difficult to watch. We took a break then started up again and it has gotten a little better. Everyone has been moved to the maximum security prison after the riots and this has introduced a whole new cast of characters with interesting back-stories.

In this episode we had this funny Vauseman scene.

They are not my favorite characters on the show, but I really don’t know who my favorites are since they killed off Poussey.

We’re only up to episode four, so there’s plenty of time for things to go downhill again.

Strangers – Season 1 and 2 [Binge-Watch]

Mika wrote about seeing a Strangers panel at Outfest, and it sounded pretty interesting. I watched both seasons and I loved it!

The first season stars Zoë Chao as Isobel, a Hapa late 20-something who is coming to terms with her bisexual identity. She also rents out her spare bedroom on AirBnB and nearly every episode involves her tenant of the week. The second season flips the formula after she moves to NYC and becomes the AirBnB renter at different locations.

This show is very queer, very funny and cleverly written with a non-stop list of celebrity cameos playing Isobel’s tenants. Also, I love having a Hapa protagonist who talks about her biracial identity on the show. As a Hapa person myself, I appreciate this so much.

Here is a funny clip from season one with guestbian, Leisha Hailey.

You can watch the whole series on Facebook Watch.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 6 “If We Make It Through December” [Live]

Happy Earpmas, everyone!

I love a special episode. It’s Christmas and the Earp homestead is getting ready for the holidays. Wynonna and Mama Earp and decorating, and it looks like Nedley plays Santa every year while  Nicole is cast as elf. Even though she’d rather be Santa, Nicole models her elf costume for Waverly, and I guess she finds her too cute in it to resist.

Queerest Things - Wynonna Earpmas - It sure is cute

Nicole goes off to do her elf work, and Waverly tries to dig more information on who her bio father is from Mama Earp. Mama tells her the story to Waverly and Wynonna; she had an affair with and was in love with someone named Julian. He suddenly left, and nine months later she had Waverly. They also learn Bobo was there the night Waverly was born.

Waverly pries her for more info, but Mama Earp is not up for it.

Back in Elfland, Nicole is dealing with a kidnapped kid and we the viewers get to see where he’s been taken. It’s Bulshar’s creepy lab dungeon where captives are being force-fed green slime. Robin’s there, too. He’s the guy Jeremy thinks is ghosting him.

Meanwhile, Waverly is pointing a rifle down Bobo’s well because she wants to know more about her birth father, and he was there the night she was born. Bobo says Mama Earp had lost a lot of blood and passed out, so he took baby Waverly to Wyatt. He didn’t want her because the baby wasn’t his, but then Bobo threatened that he’d kill him if he didn’t take and protect the baby.

Bobo still didn’t tell Waverly who Julian is or if he’s still alive.

Back at the station Nedley is freaking out over the kidnapping. He has been depressed since the Vampires came to town, but this incident has put him over the edge.

Wynonna Earpmas - Binge-watched Pretty Little Liars

I feel bad for Nedley, but picturing him curled up on the couch watching PLL made me laugh.

The team figures out the kidnap victims are being held at a factory and they split up and go to the factories in town. Wynonna and Charlie, the new guy in town, go to the right one and rescue all the captives.

The families are reunited with the loved ones at the station, and Jeremy sees Robin again and it’s so cute!

Even though everyone is back and safe, Nedley is still with Nicole telling her what a bad job he did. She tries to reassure him that everyone has bad days, but it looks like he has mad a decision.

Wynonna Earpmas - I'm retiring

Nicole’s the new Santa and Sheriff in town.

Mama Earp gets to cook a real Christmas dinner for her family and their chosen family, and it’s really sweet.

Earpmas Dinner

After dinner Mama Earp pays a visit to Bobo down the well and throws him a rope in return for telling her where Julian is.

Back at the house, Waverly gets dressed up for Nicole in her own elf outfit and sings for her to make up for not properly celebrating her new promotion at work. It reminds me of the cheerleading scene in season two. I hope we get one of these scenes every season!

I know this has been said a million times on the Internet, but get yourself a girl who looks at you the way Nicole looks at Waverly.

I can’t believe we’re halfway through this season! It is definitely my favorite so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what Emily Andras has in store for us next.

This week, the wife and I will probably finish Orange is the New Black season six, and I’ll be here to give my opinionated season recap.

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