The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – July 23, 2018

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – July 23, 2018

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, The long awaited Wynonna Earp season three premiere is finally here; Kat and Adena give opening things up a try on The Bold Type; and Freya and Keelin finally get married on The Originals.

Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 1 “Blood Red and Going Down” [Live]
I’m so excited to finally start covering one of my favorites, Wynonna Earp, in my weekly post! Here’s a confession though; I have a really terrible aptitude for understanding Sci-Fi. I can’t keep track of all the demons and other supernatural beings that inhabit Purgatory, and half the time I don’t know what’s going on. You’re not going to find frame-by-frame breakdowns and theorizing in my recaps, but you will get all the Wayhaught drama and cuteness.

We start the Wynonna Earp season three premiere with Waverly and Nicole on the top of a roof acting like Root and Shaw lite with guns. They’re across the street from Pussy Willows where Wynonna is riding a mechanical bull.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - Wayhaught with guns

They’re helping the team take out Revenants but are also getting distracted…with each other.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - Yo, PDA Focus

Wynonna is always there to interrupt.

The next morning, a tour bus of vampires cruise into town because why not? They glamour Nedley and put him under their spell.

We also get a cute Wayhaught waking up in bed scene.

Nicole in bed perfectly framed in amazing natural light is so cute.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - Nicole in Bed

Of course they’re interrupted again by Wynonna. This time she’s training loudly in the barn. Nicole gets a call about a crime scene, and they all go to check it out.

It’s back at Pussy Willows, and it’s pretty gross. Multiple dead bodies, lots of blood, and they have been arranged into a pattern.

Nicole says, “Black Badge Division’s been tracking these massacres since the 1920s. They call it the Cult of Bulshar.”

Nicole sees a pattern carved into one of the dead bodies and freaks out.

Waverly is in the bathroom while she thinks Nicole is having a panic attack in one of the stalls. While she’s waiting for her to come out, one of the vampires comes into the bathroom.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - Best Crime Scene Ever

Uh oh! Wayhaught’s been glamored.

Meanwhile, Shorty’s has been invaded by the vampires and they capture Doc and glamor Jeremy.

You know what that means? Unkillable Gay Squad glamored by vampires edition!

Wynonna returns home to find vampires in the barn and runs inside to warn the Unkillable Gay Squad, but they are all under the vampire spell. Nicole knocks Wynonna out for killing the vampire in the barn, and they need to decide what to do with her.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - We can't kill Wynonna

The Unkillable glamored Gay Squad show up at the fancy vampire party.

Wynonna Earp season three premiere - Slinky little number

Even glamored, Wavery and Nicole are still cute and funny.

Wynonna Earp - I love you, Waverly Earp

Dolls finds Wynonna in the casket in the basement and lets her out. They figure out they need to kill the vampires in order to break the spell on everyone. They get to making stakes Buffy-style with a music montage.

Wynonna crashes the party, and her and Dolls initiate a vampire staking frenzy as the spell is lifted from the party guests.

Wynonna Earp - That's my girlfriend

The next morning Nicole and Dolls are back at the Pussy Willows crime scene and Nicole fesses up to Dolls about why she is so freaked out by it.

Wynonna Earp - Cult Survivor

Woah! Well, it looks like we’ll be getting more Nicole backstory like we’ve all been asking for.

Across town Wynonna is driving Waverly home so she can tell her she’s been visiting their Mama in prison. Before they can really talk about it, Wynonna gets into a car crash (she did already have a round of whisky that morning with Doc), and they tumble in slow motion to country music.

After the truck has landed, a mystery person drags Waverly away while she is screaming for Wynonna.

Well, never a dull moment on Wynonna Earp.

At San Diego ComicCon this past weekend it was mentioned a few times that this week’s episode is going to be a doozy. We’ll have to see what happens to Waverly and Wynonna.

The Bold Type – Season 2 Episode 7 “Betsy” [Live]
This week we got to see how Adena and Kat dealt with Kat kissing another girl. They did it over salad. Adena starts a speech about how she has a ton of experience with the ladies, and Kat has very little. She thinks Kat needs to explore, and if she doesn’t, she’ll resent Adena in the long run. Kat’s like, “What are you saying, exactly?”

Bold Type - Be free with other women

Adena then takes out the Power Point presentation she put together during the obvious many hours that she’s spent thinking about this and lays down the rules:

  1. Weekends are Kadena time only.
  2. Safe sex only.
  3. No catching feelings. (I think this is the hardest one for same sex female open relationships)
  4. DADT – No talking about hookups

I had a feeling this is where the show was going. I am not super emotionally attached to Kadena — I don’t think their chemistry is that great (don’t @ me), so I’m not mourning the loss of their exclusive relationship. I think it’s cool the show is exploring this side of queer relationships.

Kat tells her friends about this new development and says she thinks she’s going to do it. Sutton tells her to, “locate her inner sexual explorer and let that bitch out to play.” I love Sutton, she is my favorite.

Kat then hops on Tinder and starts swiping through ladies.

Bold Type - Kat on Tinder

I find it unrealistic that Kat would immediately look for women to hook up with. I think it would be more organic than that, but this is a show where things keep moving along.

Later, Kat is on a road trip with Jane and Sutton, and she seems to be hitting it off with the Lyft driver.

Bold Type - I love this song

After they’re dropped off, Kat tells Jane about the driver needing to reach across her to get a pen out of the glove compartment.

Bold Type - Lesbian Boob Graze

It looks like this is the first girl Kat will be doing some exploring with.

Kat meets up with the girl at her place and lets her know about her open relationship situation. The girl says it’s okay with her.

Bold Type - Okay

Kat and the girl hook up.

Bold Type - Kat and Lyft girl

When they get down to doing it, it turns our the girl is a sub, and Kat has zero experience domming. After a lot of awkwardness Kat eventually steps up to the challenge. I love that the show had this scene, but it personally made me cringe TBH.

That night, Kat arrives home all giddy and sweaty (Copyright Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast) and wakes Adena up to tell her all about her sexual adventure. Adena made it crystal clear talking about hookups was against the rules, but Kat did it anyway. You all should listen to Erica and Nikki’s commentary on this because they nail it perfectly. Kat has two besties she tells everything to. She can run and tell them all about it. Don’t bang one chick and then get your girlfriend you have a clear “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule with out of bed to give her all the details!

Adena acquiesces and lets Kat tell her about her adventure anyway. She displays a tenth level of emotional maturity while listening to her girlfriend talk about her first time being a dom.

Where do you all think this is going? Will Kat get this out of her system and come back to a monogamous relationship with Adena, will they settle into a happy open relationship or will Kat catch feelings for one of her bang hangs and break up with Adena? IRL my friends in open relationships have had things go in all of these directions. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Kadena.

The Originals – Season 5 Episode 11 “‘Til the Day I Die” [Live]
The day of the big queer Freelin wedding has arrived, everyone!

But first they needed to go through every tropy day of the wedding road block in a single episode.

Happiness guilt over family stuff

This is Freya’s very tired theme every episode.

Originals - Happy

Let’s get married today

And it’s not “go to the courthouse” married, it’s full-blown wedding married. No big deal.

The Originals - Let's Get Married Today

Freya not being able to find a best man or someone to walk her down the aisle

At least on this show, it’s not for homophobic reasons.

The Originals

Calling off the wedding for baby reasons

Are you fucking kidding me? Didn’t we get enough of this on Supergirl?

The Originals - You deserve better

Reconciling at the last minute

The wedding’s back on, folks.

The Originals - Yes, Freya

Freya’s brothers coming through to walk her down the aisle after all

I knew this was going to happen.

The Originals - You're late

Then finally, they have the big wedding, but during most of the ceremony they had a voiceover from a straight plot running over it. I kid you not! Why in the world can’t the queer women have their moment?

The Originals - Freya and Keelin get married

Whew, at least they actually got married. Will they make it to the end of the series? We have two more episodes left to find out.

This week — Orange is the New Back is back on the 27th. My wife and I emotionally gave up on the show last season. Will it be better this season? We shall see.

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