The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 28, 2018

Queerest Things - Kate Littlejohn and Anya

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, the For the People season one finale leaves Kate with a choice; Vida continues to be the best new queer show on TV; and I binge RED season four in 2 days.

  1. For the People – Season 1 Episode 10 “This Is What I Wanted to Say” [Live]
  2. The For the People season one finale starts off with everyone (except Seth, Sandra and Allison) having a good time before work.

    For the People season one finale - Kate and Anya good morning

    Later, Leonard walks into Kate Littlejohn’s office, gives her a box of silver binder clips and tells her he got a job offer to be the Solicitor General in Texas. Kate looks surprised by this, and Leonard asks her what she thinks he should do in her honest opinion.

    For the People - Kate and Leonard

    Kate is obviously troubled by this, and it’s affecting her mornings with Anya.

    For the People season one finale - I should get up

    Uh oh.

    I am really trying to check my gay bias here. I LOVE Kate and Anya. I love how they met; their chemistry is real, and they feel like a really good match. However, the Kate / Leonard slow burn has been happening all season long, and I believe this is where the show is going — they are going to put these two together. My gay reflex is to be upset over this. Kate and Anya are so cute; please don’t make Kate pick Leonard.

    But what if it was the other way around? What if Leonard was a female coworker who Kate had a Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe-style contentious relationship with while Kate was dating a dude she got along with pretty well. I’d be shipping her and the co-worker, right? They would be the OTP while the person she was dating was temporary.

    Towards the end of the episode, Kate and Leonard meet up at their regular noodle house hang, and Kate comes clean about her opinion about Leonard moving to Texas. She has an adorable Kate Littlejohn list of, “Things I know you hate you can expect a lot of in Austin.” My favorite is, “The never-changing reality that it is surrounded by Texas.” According to her careful analysis, she comes to the conclusion that he should not go to Texas.

    Then she gives this last reason.

    For the People - I will miss you

    He continues with, “If I had known–” but Kate cuts him off, tells him he made a good choice, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and leaves the restaurant.

    For the People - Kate season one finale

    Watching Kate cry is like watching Shaw show emotion. Susannah Flood absolutely kills playing this character. Someone give her an Emmy.

    The episode ends with Kate quietly crying on Seth’s couch while they watch Rocky IV.

    I’m going to make a Kate Littlejohn style list to help form an opinion on who she should choose, because we all know Leonard’s not going to Texas.

    • Dating co-workers is not a good idea.
    • The co-workers dating trope can get boring quickly.
    • Leonard is “boring, predicable, bland, callow, shallow, pretentious, sententious and whiny.” Words Kate used to describe him herself.
    • Them both being A-type, super ambitious personalities is going to cause problems.
    • Anya is super cute and does not work in the Prosecutors office.

    All that being said, it is so important to show bisexual characters dating both men and women. It seems to me there is not a ton of representation of that portion of the bi spectrum on TV. I’m choosing to keep an open mind and be okay with whomever she chooses to be with.

    To end this season finale recap, I am going to leave you with a montage of my favorite For the People scenes: Kate being mean to Seth. Enjoy.

  3. Vida – Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode 4” [Live]
  4. If you are not yet watching this show, please start. It is the BEST new queer show on television.

    In this episode Emma is doing some recon on competing bars in the neighborhood when she runs into Cruz and her queer posse. She winds up hanging out, dancing and drinking with them all night.

    While she and Cruz are talking, we learn the reason Emma left the neighborhood. Vida sent her away to live with her grandmother in Texas when Emma was 11 after she caught her kissing another girl. Then she sent her away a second time after she read Emma’s journals and poems.

    Vida - Emma and Cruz

    I knew this must have been the reason. Her “unwoke dinosaur” mother dealt with her own gay shame by sending her daughter away after finding out she was queer. This really shows why Emma is so angry and makes me feel compassion for her. I mean, I already love her because emotionally unavailable, tough-ass, mean, bossy queer women Is My Kink (TM, Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast).

    Later that night she and Cruz hook up. YES! I was waiting for this moment. But then something wrong happens to Emma, and she falls down.

    Vida - Emma and Cruz kissing

    She runs out the door while Cruz is getting her water.

    I think she had a panic attack. My theory is something traumatic happened to her while she was sent away that has led her to her intimacy issues.

    I hope we learn more next episode. There are only 2 more episodes left to this season. Who do we need to start lobbying for a second season because I need more of this show.

  5. RED – Season 4 [Streaming]
  6. I am so smitten with RED after binging it all recently that I rented season 4 as soon as it came out and watched it in two days. This season was INTENSE, y’all. No spoilers this time, because I want you to support the show and rent it on Vimeo. But I will say this, we get to meet Mel’s ex, Victoria, and that makes things interesting.

    Here is the trailer, I don’t know how two humans can look this beautiful all the time.

This week: Queen Sugar returns! I can’t wait to see what Charley and the family are up to this season.

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