Murder Ladies – The Killers We Love

Murder Ladies – The Killers We Love

In May, Sunday night became #murderLadySunday thanks to a number of shows that all had women … well … killing. And it’s not the old way, where these women were the villains. No, these are hero ladies, killing people, not taking anything, and being badasses.

So if you’re into that kind of thing, where women kill and don’t really feel bad about it, here are some good murder lady shows to check out. I’ve put them in order of gore as best I can, from least to most.

Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

I have to start off with my darling, Sara Lance. There’s a reason she can wield the death totem, and it’s only partly because she’s died 3 times. Sara and her girlfriend(!!!!) Ava Sharpe are ass kicking badasses who can take down … well … anyone. The show’s on summer break, but when they’re back you can expect some fun loving destruction from our time traveling badasses.

Sara Lance killing people in LoT

Siren (Freeform)

I honestly did not expect to like this show. It didn’t strike me as our wheelhouse either, though I did dig where it was going with the darkness on Freeform. Well, tell you what, I owe my contact there a BIG apology (seriously, sorry!) because I was wrong. A bisexual, man killing, mermaid from a matriarchal society. I’m not joking.

Siren: A man being killed via defenestration

Wynonna Earp (SyFy)

Killing demons counts, right? While technically only Wynonna can send them to hell, little sister Waverly’s got a shotgun and she’s not afraid to use it. With her and her girlfriend, Officer Nicole Haught, are going to make all the shit-eaters eat shit. The show will be back June 20th, just in time for Comic Con.

Waverly Earp shooting at her sister (look it's complicated)

Killing Eve (BBCAmerica)

Vilanelle, the assassin, is barely the hero, but watching her kill people, you can’t help but side with her a bit. She’s manipulated and manipulative, she’s clearly a sociopath, and I really kind of want her to win. Right now we’re taking bets on if she and Eve team up in the finale and turn on their handlers, who are not the best people.

Killing Eve: Villanelle killing someone

Into the Badlands (AMC)

While the first season feels a little sausage heavy, there are a lot of strong women on this show, starting with The Widow and Tilda. Tilda has a girlfriend (yay!) and is currently split from her mother (the Widow) but the signs are there that they’ll be getting back together. Everyone on that show takes lives, some in different forms than others, but this they have in common: I would not cross those women.

Into the Badlands: Talia throwing her killing stars

Whew! Who are your favourite queer murder bbs?

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