“You Me Her” Returns Tonight

“You Me Her” Returns Tonight

Season three of You Me Her begins tonight.

Season two was pretty tough for the throuple. They came out to their friends as a thing, but Emma started to realize her path was going in a different way. Jack and Izzy want a baby, Emma wants … to be a lesbian.


As the season ended, Emma hopped a plane and flew off to that haven of Birkenstocks, Seattle.

Season three picks up a few months later, with Emma and her ex together again in Seattle, while Jack and Izzy are sorting out being a more conventional couple in Portland. But as Jack is settling the divorce, Izzy wants them all together again, and Emma … Well. She still doesn’t quite know all of what she wants.


Oh and there’s that subplot about the heterosexual couple and their kids and the husband (Dave) isn’t picking up his share of the work while the wife (Carmen, played by Jennifer Spence of Exes and Ohs) tries to start a magazine. And Izzy’s BFF Nina is working on her paper about men and why they suck.

A lot is going on in these crazy lives.

You Me Her is a bit of a weird show. It’s a show I call “Good, but not my kind of TV.” The constant pull and push of their relationships, while incredibly realistic, is not my cuppa. All the same, every time I dial in to watch it, I find myself fascinated and, yes, entertained. As you should be with good TV.

If anything, having a TV show that doesn’t sensationalize throuples, slut shame bisexuals, or deride people figuring out their sexuality later in life is a show to be celebrated.

Check out You Me Her tonight on Audience at 10pm.

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