2019 Upfronts Again

2019 Upfronts Again

I honestly feel like I’m going over upfront every 4 months. February we got the renewals and the mid-seasons. Now it’s time for what’s new-new. Some of this we already knew, but it’s good to go over what we’re getting in the 2019-2020 season.

Queer Up Front

These shows absolutely have the queer. Dial them into your DVR now.

Batwoman (The CW)

Everyone on Team LezWatch is kvelling over this one. It’s Batwoman, y’all! The fourth titular TV show starring an out queer actress as an out queer character. Thats it. Four. And she’s my favorite super hero, so I’m just hoping Renee Montoya shows up.

(The four shows: Ellen, The Ellen Show, Abby’s, Batwoman.)

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, here’s 2 minutes of Batwoman.

Council of Dads (NBC)

Funny story. While we were at ClexaCon, there were folks asking if you wanted to watch a preview of a show. While no one on Team LezWatch got tapped to watch, we heard about it and pieced together it’s this show! So guess what? We can tell you it’s got queer! Should you watch it? Well. If you like This is Us then yes.

As the plot goes, Scott, a father of four who’s diagnosed with cancer. He assembles some of his closest allies — best friend Anthony, AA sponsor Larry, and surgeon Oliver, who’s also his wife’s best friend — to be “back-up dads” for every stage of his family’s life. The show is based on a memoir by Bruce Feller.

Motherland: Fort Salem (Freeform)

It’s witches! This time, the AU spin is that to end the Salem Witch trials, the witches pledged to protect the United States. So it’s the Witch Army. And we’re off to Witch Military Academy for spells and soldiers. Oh, and queers.

Legit, lady kisses in the trailer. You’ll know which one is the queer before the kiss though, it’s pretty much a spot-on guess.

Queer By Nature

We’re pretty sure these shows will have some queer, and be downright shocked (and upset) if they don’t.

Everything else on The CW

I know what you’re thinking but guess what? The CW is pretty much giving us at least one queer character on every show. Katy Keene will have one, though we’re not sure what form it’ll take. I’m betting that every single new show on the network is going to have at least one. If we’re lucky, it’ll be a queer regular character.

Stumptown (ABC)

This is based on the graphic novel of the same name, by Greg Rucka. Rucka is well known in comic circles for the first run of Batwoman heading up Detective Comics. He’s good, folks. Smulders plays Dex Parios, a strong, assertive and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, a gambling debt and a brother to take care of in Portland. Her military intelligence skills make her a great P.I., but her unapologetic style puts her in the firing line of hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with the police.

Did we mention Dex is totally bisexual in the comics? Yeah. If she’s not bi here, we riot.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox)

Yes, a spin-off of 9-1-1. Which has Hen. And it’s made by Ryan Murphy. You’ll probably get at least a queer-of-the-week here.

Probably Some Queers

We’re not sure about these having any queers, but they have a strong possibility so we’re listing them.

Prodigal Son (Fox)

A Berlanti drama, so y’know, there will be something queer, but it may not be female. Anyway, we have a serial killer and his criminal psychologist son. What could go wrong?

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Freeform)

This has a queer cis-male lead, and hopefully he’ll have some lady queer friends. The plot is a 28 year old comes home to visit his single dad raising his sisters. And then the dad dies, and the young guy has to become the parent to siblings he barely knows. One of whom has autism. It actually looks pretty cute and fun.

Not Just Me (Fox)

An only child finds her life turned upside down when her father reveals that, over the course of his prize-winning career as a pioneering fertility doctor, he used his own sperm to conceive upwards of a hundred children, including two new sisters. If that sounded familiar to you, it’s very much like Sisters that came up from down under. You can catch it on Netflix, and that version of the show has a bisexual sister. So here’s hoping!

What Are You Looking Forward To?

With all the new shows, what are you looking most forward to? For me, it’s Batwoman hands down. But right after that? Motherland: Fort Salem is my kind of AU shenanigans. And then absolutely Stumptown, because watching Cobie Smulders be a hard-edged PI looks great.

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