Abby’s: Beers, Queers, and Cheers

Abby’s: Beers, Queers, and Cheers

Coming this spring on NBC is a new sitcom I didn’t think I’d be telling you about, but here I am.

If you want to skip spoilers, then just trust me here and tune in on March 28th at 9:30pm. If you’ve already seen the news (dropped at the TV Critics Association back on January 29th), keep reading for some explanations and details.

Warning: This post contains very mild spoilers!

Abby’s is about an unlicensed, makeshift bar in Abby’s backyard. All her neighbours (aka the patrons) have to abide by 162 specific rules and regulations, defined by Abby, which include no cell phones and a nasty-drink penalty for losing a bet.

The titular Abby is played by openly queer actress, Natalie Morales, and you can probably guess where I’m going here.

Abby is bisexual.

She’s also ex-military, having served two tours as a Staff Sergeant in the Marines, and Cuban-American. In the pilot, her world is upended when her new landlord is less than keen on the backyard shenanigans.

This marks the second time a Cuban has lead a sitcom (Justina Machado and Gina Rodriguez are of Puerto Rican descent). Ever. And the first time we’ve had a queer Cuban played by a queer Cuban on a sitcom.

Abby’s is the fourth shown with a lead character who is queer, played by a queer:

This is pretty important folks. 2019 is doubling the number.

Based on the first two episodes, the show is fun. It’s an average sitcom, though it’s the first one filmed outside before a live audience, which is extra entertaining. The best news? The jokes aren’t about Abby being gay. Everyone else is made fun of for their assumptions, as a proper sitcom does.

I’m an incredibly hard sell on sitcoms, and I hate when the character I identify with is the butt of the joke. I enjoyed Abby’s and I look forward to watching more.

You can catch Abby’s at 9:30pm on NBC, starting March 28th. It’s paired up with Will & Grace and being given a great time slot, so please tune in.

Screener Review On Abby’s

It’s a common sitcom, updated for 2019, and embracing the queer as commonality.


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