The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – February 25, 2019

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – February 25, 2019

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I’m instantly hooked on Lena Waithe’s new comedy/drama Boomerang; Alice almost gets some on Good Trouble; and Abbi and Leslie hit it off on Broad City.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Boomerang – Season 1 Episode 2 “Game Night” [Catch-Up]

Boomerang is my new favorite comedy/drama. It’s co-written and produced by one of our faves, Lena Waithe, and it’s fabulous. The dialogue is so good, and the ensemble works really well together.

The show primarily revolves around the very privileged Simone Graham who works for her famous father Marcus Graham’s marketing company. Within the first third of the pilot episode, she quits her job and then tries to launch her own marketing company.

Simone has an eclectic group of friends including Tia, a lesbian stripper who Simone takes on as her first marketing project. Tia is a character, and nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious.

Boomerang - dick ain't all it's cracked up to be

I can’t wait to see what happens with Simone and her friends for the rest of the season.

Good Trouble – Season 1 Episode 7 “Swipe Right” [Live]

The Coterie women (minus Callie) are trying an experiment picking dates for each other off an app. Malika is in charge of finding a girl for Alice.

Good Trouble - I'm going to find someone

They all have their dates at the same place and time (which sounds like it would take a lot of coordination). The dates are all going pretty badly except for Alice’s. Her date is named Joey, an interesting women with a radio show.

Good Trouble - This is not a bad date

Alice actually takes the girl home and their first attempt at kissing is awkward. Alice explains she hasn’t dated anyone in years, but she gives it another try and does better.

Good Trouble - I can do better

After halfway through the episode everyone is getting laid, including Alice. Well, she was about to until she was interrupted by a knock on her door.

Good Trouble - I can do better

Oh, NO!

Of course Alice jumps up to see what Sumi needs, and of course, Sumi is in the middle of drama with her fiance and needs Alice to take care of her.

This is the absolute worst thing that could have happened during Alice’s date.

At this point I can envision everyone at home yelling at Alice to tell Sumi to get lost because she’s got another girl in her bed. It looks like that’s exactly what she does.

Good Trouble - I have company

I’m so happy Alice stood up to Sumi and is having a good time with another girl. However, we all find out later this is not what actually happened.

Alice is obviously too distracted by Sumi’s visit and not able to be 100% present with Joey. We fast forward in time, and Joey is no longer there as Alice lets Sumi into her room where she proceeds to dump her issues all over her.

Not only does Alice help put Sumi’s ego back together, she also lets her sleep in her bed overnight.

Ugh, I knew it was too good to be true, and I also knew Sumi would go immediately back to Meera the minute she came calling.

I was about to give up on Alice ever finding a life of her own, until the very end of the episode when the women are all together in the morning comparing dates. Joey’s radio show is playing when they all hear Alice call-in. She asks if she has a song pick for a girl who messed up on a first date and would do anything for a second chance.

Good Trouble - Here's hoping you put an end to your drama

That was a cute ending. Let’s hope it’s another step towards Alice untangling her codependent relationship with Sumi.

Grown-ish – Season 2 Episode 9 “Body Count” [Live]

On this episode, Nomi is taking Shane’s, I mean her gender studies professor Hewson’s advice, and trying to learn about LGBT culture by going to a queer art exhibit.

Grownish - She's my gay-ru

Nomi goes to the show and they are doing queer performance art. She’s looking a little apprehensive, but she tries to settle in to watch the show.

Grownish - I'd like to share my experience in a song

Girl, I hear you, I have a really low tolerance level for bad performance art. Nomi winds up getting chased out of there by the screams.

Later, Nomi is on her laptop when Shane/Professor Hewson texts her. She asks her how the show went, and Nomi replies that it was loud.

Grownish - Crash course in queer culture

Are professors texting students normal? It feels like it crosses a line to me.

Um, where is this going? I hope not where we think it may be going. We’ll have to wait and see what Shane /Professor Hewson has Nomi clearing her schedule for next week.

Broad City – Season 5 Episode 5 “Artsy Fartsy” [Live]

There was a real treat in this episode of Broad City!

After an episode of usual Abbi hi-jinx and Ilana being super gross as always, Abbi falls on her face and winds up in the ER. Her ER doctor Leslie is played by none other than Clea Duvall! I’ve been in love with her since she played Graham in But I’m a Cheerleader.

Abbi and Leslie seem to be hitting it off, and before they part, Abbi asks for her phone number.

I love this! I’m wondering since Abbi is bisexual in real life if she wanted her character to be bi before this last season ends. I am here for it, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Abbi and Leslie.

Legacies – Season 1 Episode 11 “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight” [Live]

On this episode of Legacies, the school is invaded by slugs that crawl inside your ear then cause you to lose all your inhibitions. What could go wrong?

Josie and Lizzie are back from their time away from the school and ready to be “better” versions of themselves.

Legacies - We are airy clouds

Looks like “Saltzman Twins 2.0” does not include any room for Penelope.

Later, at Talent Show rehearsal, Josie is trying to hide from Penelope, but she finds her and hands her a note.

Legacies - Make sure you read it in private

Ugh, I hate the “I wont read the letter you wrote me that probably has feelings” trope.

Soon after that, Josie gets invaded by the no inhibitions slug and she suddenly has self confidence and some bossiness usually attributed to her sister.

High on slug, Josie is willing to talk to Penelope.

They go off to a shack in the woods to find an urn and talk about the note.

I’m enjoying the ups and downs of the #Posie roller coaster ride, but what are we to think here? Uninhibited Josie wants to be with Penelope but not be back in relationship with her?

By now folks have caught on to the slug thing. Hope and Lizzie find Josie and Penelope and get the slug out of her head.

So, what was in that note, exactly? We may never know, because at the end of the episode, when they usually wrap up everyone’s story lines, they left out Josie and Penelope. I hate when they leave the queers out of the follow-ups.

This week Grey’s Anatomy breaks records by becoming the longest-running prime time medical show on television! I am so happy for Shonda reaching this achievement, and I hope she continues to break more records.

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