Grown-ish is Back and Still Growing

Grown-ish is Back and Still Growing

Season two is off to a good start with the kids growing-ish a little more and stretching their wings.

If you’ll remember last season, Zoey from Black-ish went off to college and was Grown-ish. Along the way of dealing with normal freshman year drama, she befriended bisexual Nomi. Nomi is that wonderful college contradiction. She’s not out to her parents, she’s not okay with her boyfriend being bisexual, and she’s not okay with her girlfriend being mad that she’s bisexual.

Oh, college, I don’t miss you a bit.

Season two picks up with the new school year. Zoey, Nomi, and Ana are roommates in college apartments, and it goes exactly as well as you’d think it would. There’s love, there’s drama, there’s missed connections and there’s stupid kids being, well, stupid kids.

Our resident bisexual is still not out to her parents, still making poor life choices, and still being as inappropriate as ever. In other words, Nomi hasn’t changed much at all, except in thinking that she’s a little more grown up.

Not a spoiler? She’s not. None of them are. And Sophomore year is just another year where the people who have your back are your girls.

Give Grown-ish an hour of your time tonight on Freeform for the first two episodes.

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