The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – January 7, 2019

Queerest Things - Good Trouble Premiere

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Grown-ish is back and only queer-ish so far. Also, I weigh in on the Good Trouble premiere.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Grown-ish – Season 2 Episode 1 “Better” [Live]

Grown-ish is back for season two, and out of the gate it looked like we were going to get a queer story line with Nomi.

Grownish - weren't you going to come out to them this Summer

Nomi tells Zoe she didn’t come out to her parents over the summer because she was afraid of losing their financial support.

I thought maybe we were going to launch into a coming out to your parents arc (which has been done a zillion times), but no. The rest of this episode and the entire next one were dedicated to Zoe’s boy issues.

I do enjoy this show, but it fails the Bechdel Test badly. I get the show is about Zoe, and boyfriends are a big deal. Still I wish they would have her be involved in other things as well. Hopefully that will happen later this season.

Good Trouble – Season 1 Episode 1 “DTLA” [Streaming]

If you read my column, you’ll know I was not a fan of The Fosters. It’s fair to say I’ve been pretty mean to the show in my recaps (sorry, Fosters fans).

When I heard they were going to do a spin-off featuring Callie and Mariana, I was horrified. Not only was the show going to live on, I was probably going to have to watch it because it would most likely have queer characters.

Hulu and the Freeform website dropped the Good Trouble premiere episode early last week. Also, I watched screeners of the first five episodes, and I have to confess — I loved it!

Good Trouble is good, y’all! While Callie and Mariana are still themselves, the show is very different. It reminds me of The Bold Type in that it’s young women navigating the start of their adult professional lives.

Callie is not as much of a disaster as she was on The Fosters which is very refreshing. Mariana is still Mariana, but watching her try to navigate the brogrammer culture at her new tech job is interesting, even though it’s painfully realistic.

The sisters move into a group house, called “The Coterie,” and this introduces a new group of diverse characters including multiple queer characters, such as Alice, the house manager.

Good Trouble - Can you imagine how lesbian will go over

Within the first five episodes, Jude and Stef and Lena pay visits to The Coterie, and it’s pretty fun to see them in this new environment.

The most exciting thing that happens is one of our beloved out queer actresses plays a queer guest character on the show. I won’t say who it is because she’s not listed on IMdB yet, but look for her in a few episodes!

Also, Girl Ship TV regular and Queer As Fiction co-host, Ashly Perez, is writing for the show!

The Good Trouble premiere officially airs on Freeform tomorrow at 8pm Eastern / 7 Central.

This week the rescued Brooklyn-Nine-Nine returns for season six on NBC! I’m excited for an entire season of an out Rosa Diaz!

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