The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – March 25, 2019

Queerest Things - Rosa and Jocelyn

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Rosa and Jocelyn make their debut on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the moms are back on Good Trouble, and Cheryl and Toni work out their issues to song on Riverdale.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Good Trouble – Season 1 Episode 11 “Less Than” [Live]

The moms are back, and Callie is taking them, Marianna and Jamie to Judge Wilson’s house for drinks. Callie preps the moms with a long list of things not to mention including The Coterie, religion, politics or anything controversial. This prompts a moms flashback.

Good Trouble - I'm not sure that I can do this anymore

Come on, Stef and Lena have been on screen for less than a minute and they’re already in a big fight. I thought Good Trouble moms were getting along better. If I wanted to see Stef and Lena argue, I’d re-watch The Fosters.

Meanwhile, back at The Coterie, Sumi is at Alice’s door eavesdropping on Joey telling Alice she has a policy of not dating anyone who is not out to their parents. Alice tells her she could have saved herself the trip and just ghosted, but Joey assures her she’s not doing that.

I dunno, Joey, Alice is cool and all, but I would have run FAR AWAY from this co-dependent ex situation two episodes ago.

Speaking of co-dependent exes, at that moment, Sumi walks right on in to Alice’s room.

Good Trouble - I didn't know you had company

Not only does Joey have to deal with Sumi being entangled in Alice’s life emotionally, she has to put up with her box-blocking her and then lying about it.

Sumi’s BS excuse for being there is needing to return a hair tie. Then she invites Alice and Joey to dinner with her and Meera. While Alice hesitates, Joey agrees to dinner. Oh, boy this should be fun.

The dinner is just as tense and awkward as you can imagine.

Good Trouble - We've had so many fun times together

Sumi is still up to her shenanigans, and Meera is not happy. Meera also brings up Alice talking about Sumi on Joey’s radio show, but she’s not bothered by it.

Even though it’s painful to watch these four have dinner together, let’s think about this scene for a second. This show has enough queer characters on it to have a four person, all-queer dinner, and there’s still Stef and Lena over on one of the other plots! There are six queer female characters on this episode, and that is pretty cool.

The dinner goes on and so does Sumi.

That conversation causes a fight between Sumi and Meera, so Joey and Alice escape into Alice’s room to play Atari. Alice tells Joey they fight like this every night, but they’ll be more in love than ever in the morning. Joey is very skeptical to which Alice says, “I’m over Sumi” for the 87239485th time. Joey believes her, but she thinks Sumi is not over her.

Good Trouble - That girl is still in love with you

Joey, put down the old skool joystick and RUN while you can!

Over on the other plot, Mariana and Callie make Stef and Lena sit down and tell them why they have been fighting all night. Stef is mad, because she is over Lena’s campaign for State Assembly. Lena seems to have more loyalty to her campaign manager, Cindy, than her. Cindy is also pressuring Stef to stay quiet in public, because retired cop wife is not a good look for progressive candidate Lena.

Later, when the two of them are alone together by the pool, Lena apologizes.

Good Trouble - I'm really sorry

Stef says she’s probably going to say the wrong thing again in the future, and Lena tells she should not self-censor just be herself. The two of them make up and acknowledge the need to work harder than ever to stay connected because if Lena wins the election, she will be spending a lot of time in Sacramento.

Good Trouble - Aw, you guys made up

Well, at least they made up. That’s an improvement over The Fosters.

I give this episode 2 out of five sad sponges.

Even though they kissed and made up at the end, they did spend most of the episode fighting like old times.

Riverdale – Season 3 Episode 16 “BIG FUN” [Live]

It’s time for one of my favorite things — a big musical episode! This time we get to see Cheryl and Toni process their issues to song.

Cheryl is dealing with the situation by going into full-on angry bitch mode.

Riverdale - Cheryl's the mythic bitch

Toni, on the other hand, was recruited by Kevin to do the show’s choreography, and Cheryl is not happy about it.

Riverdale - I'm trying to be professional here

The two of them angry sing and dance at each other over it.

Riverdale - Come into my candy store

Later Cheryl absolutely loses her shit when she sees Toni in the hall wearing red. “She invented red” at Riverdale High, so Cheryl tells her she has until Monday to leave the school entirely.

Riverdale - Clear yourself out of these halls

Toni works through her anger in song.

I absolutely loved that they kept true to Toni’s bi identity and had her do that scene with a man and a woman, but Sweet Pea? Really? I also love that Toni didn’t go through with it because I want her and Cheryl to patch things up asap.

Toni seems to think the same way, because she pays a visit to Cheryl (who looks like she’s sleeping in an outfit made out of curtains) with a cup of not-Drano to talk.

I’m not usually into the cheesier scenes on TV, but when Toni asks, “What was love like in your family?” I thought that was pretty poignant. We only found out Cheryl had feelings at all a couple seasons ago, and now she’s in her first ever relationship. Of course she’s going to turn to her go-to emotion of venomous bitch when things get challenging. It’s really sweet of Toni to recognize this and make the first move to work things out.

They kiss and make up (to song of course) and have a cute moment 10 minutes before showtime on opening night.

Riverdale - I have to get you a tube

I feel like they gave us this little backstage scene on purpose, because they deleted it from last year’s musical episode.

Whew, I’m glad they made up, now let’s move on with more Choni capers and less angst.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 15 Episode 18 “Add It Up” [Live]

In this episode, a non-binary person named Toby checks into the hospital after they get into a snowboarding accident with their mom.

Taryn and Jackson do not miss a beat, but Richard needs some schooling on gender neutral pronouns.

Grey's Anatomy - It's not that complicated

Richard works through it being hard to adjust to things that are new to him, but he eventually tries. I imagine he represents many people who are being introduced to non-binary people and they/them pronouns for the first time.

Even though was a little After School Special-ish, I do appreciate Shonda for bringing non-binary representation to the masses. And besides the stuff with Richard, they have a story line like any other patient at Grey Sloan. Moving forward, hopefully Shonda will have more non-binary characters woven into the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 6 Episode 11 “The Therapist” [Live]

Rosa has been dating a woman named Jocelyn and Captain Holt wants to have Rosa and Jocelyn over for dinner with him and Kevin. Rosa says thanks, but no thanks. She’s not having people meet her yet, because she’s still feeling things out with her. Ray’s skeptical, because he heard everyone met Jocelyn at their usual bar hangout. Rosa then admits the real reason is because Captain Holt can be judgemental sometimes.

Rosa and Jocelyn Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jocelyn is not like us

Later, Rosa and Holt are in the break room with Hitchcock and Scully, and Holt reacts pleasantly and positively to every gross thing Hitchcock and Scully say in an effort to prove to Rosa how non-judgemental he can be. Rosa concedes.

Rosa and Jocelyn Brooklyn Nine-Nine - You Win

Rosa and Jocelyn are finally out on a date with Holt when a random woman recognizes Jocelyn from a diarrhea commercial. She’s actually an actor hired by Rosa to play Jocelyn!

Holt expresses his disappointment that Rosa would go to such great lengths to keep her real girlfriend from meeting her in his way.

Rosa and Jocelyn Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Message received

The next day, Holt runs into a woman trying to use the vending machine with an unsightly crinkly dollar.

How exciting to see Cameron Esposito as the real Jocelyn!

Rosa explains she avoided Holt meeting her girlfriend because she cares a lot about his opinion and she was afraid he wouldn’t like her. Hm, okay, but regardless, Rosa and Jocelyn are on for dinner with him and Kevin.

This week Jane the Virgin is BACK on Wednesday. I can’t wait to see what happens with Petramos since last year’s very dramatic season finale. Also, we created Jane the Virgin Bingo cards for you all to enjoy!

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