Queer Beats – March 22, 2019

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, every queer show seemed to produce good (and bad) news. Everything is covered from bed selfies to crossover photoshoots to convention panels, oh my!

The 100

If you are a Clexa fan, you likely know about the mythical bed selfies that Eliza Taylor has teased ever since the fateful episode (that we do not acknowledge in this household). These photos have been in such high demand that they were recently auctioned off for therapy and raised over $4300! Fandom be crazy but I love that the money went to a good cause.

Amar a Muerte (and Atypical)

In another fandom blowup this week, a new photoshoot was released featuring Macarena Achaga (from Amar a Muerte) and Brigette Lundy-Paine (from Atypical). Talk about a crossover! There are many amazing photos but this one is my favorite:


I know I’m late to this but Rose and Rosie recently made a reaction video to Juliantina scenes (talk about another crossover!) and it seems very cute. I have to admit I still haven’t watched their scenes but somehow I think I am already a Juliantina stan?

The Bold Type

We are getting very close to the Bold Type premiere. As in it is less than three weeks away. I’m not sure I am fully ready to acknowledge the Kadena breakup but I certainly miss all their faces! Especially when they post cute selfies like this one!

I also miss them when they do cute things like sing really well and play the ukulele.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 2 of CAOS is coming soon and they released a trailer!

Coronation Street

Insert eye roll here.I don’t even want to give this topic attention because it makes me mad but there was a death on Coronation Street recently and yes it was a queer character and yes the show doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge how this affects the queer community.

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack has already been highly anticipated and the new trailer only makes me even more excited.

Good Trouble

Here’s a cute video of the Good Trouble cast talking about bisexual stereotyping!


A new CTV show premiered this week called Jann, starring Jann Arden (a Canadian singer-songwriter). In the show, Jann is bisexual and, in real life, she came out as bisexual as well!

Killing Eve

Just wondering if I can pay someone to paint this on the wall of my rental apartment….

One Day At A Time

The fight for ODAAT is continuing but we have some of the best people on our side:

Orange is the New Black

In news that I thought we already knew, Taylor Schilling isn’t completely straight!

PLL: The Perfectionists

Oh boy, Pretty Little Liars is back! Sasha Pieterse sat down with The TV Junkies to talk about Alison‘s new life and why she left Emily behind:


Choni has been heating up recently so here’s some extra content of Madelaine and Vanessa talking about the musical episode.

Street Legal

Yvonne Chapman discussed her character’s story arc on this upcoming season:


Remember last week when I talked about how Kelly and Alex may or may not be having eye sex? Well, they definitely were (disclaimer: in my personal opinion) and we better get used to it because Azie Tesfai is staying on for all of next season!

In related news: Nikazie is still a thing and is very cute. Also, I would like to point out that Azie was clearly filming with Chyler when this FaceTime occurred and you all can read into it any way you would like (read: more eye sex is coming).

Tales of the City

I’m very excited for this show! Mainly because Ellen Page gets to play queer and gets to (hopefully) kiss Zosia Mamet!


The cast of Vida will be at the Tribeca Film Festival in May premiering the new season! But my real question is: why don’t they ever hold cool NYC events on weekends so that cool Boston people can join? (Read: me. I’m cool Boston people.)

Wynonna Earp

Kat and Dom have been united and gave us all what we long for: a super cute WayHaught panel. They were both at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and you can watch the full panel here:

They also stayed late to sign autographs which is not surprising at this point (because they are always very nice to fans) but still very touching:

Meanwhile, we are still fighting for funding for Wynonna Earp. Which is honestly a silly sentence to write because fans shouldn’t be in charge of this and production companies should be the ones being responsible with their finances but here we are!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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