Hit Me Twice: Hitmen is Back!

Hit Me Twice: Hitmen is Back!

Season two is a solid story about the worst hitmen you’ve ever met, and their incredibly bizarre misadventures. It holds up to the fun of season one, and lets Mel and Sue shine.

What’s Hitmen About?

From the outset, it’s two best friends who (somehow) fell into the world of killing people for a living. And gosh are they terrible at it. Really, Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) and Fran (Sue Perkins) have no one in the world except each other, and end up fumbling through live as the most mediocre and useless hitmen who still get the job done. Sometimes.

Season two is titled Hitmen: Reloaded but it’s the same drama as season one. With a little extra.

How’s the New Season?

Warning: This post contains mild spoilers!

The season begins at a miserable school reunion where everyone remembers Fran’s worst day (the phrase “Oliver Piss” comes up numerous times) and a hitman. No, not Jamie and Fran, another hitman. As everything at the reunion goes to pot, everything takes an even weirder turn.

Jamie reconnects with an old friend, who begins to be a better friend than Fran is, and Fran realizes she might actually lose her BFF. On top of that, they continue to fail upwards with their new boss, the mysterious Mr. V.

Will this new season find the ladies succeeding properly as hitmen? Will they reach the next level and become international killers? Who is Mr. V? Why are hitmen trying to kill Jamie and Fran? Will Fran ever get a date?

The story is even less predictable than you think.

Except maybe the Fran dating thing.

Catch Season Two on Thursday, October 28

If you missed season 1, there’s time to catch up on this quirky brit-com about two crazy inept hitmen.

Season two drops on the 28th, and you can enjoy this crazy adventure on Peacock.

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