Queer Beats – October 15, 2021

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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, I am waiting patiently for the return of Dickinson and Gentleman Jack.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Idk I just thought this was cute and I miss them.


I love this show SO much so I’m posting both trailers that have been released for the new season.

Why do Emily and Sue have to be so cute?!

I don’t think any of us are ready if this was Ella Hunt‘s reaction…

Gentleman Jack

They are finished filming the new season so that means we are one step closer to getting to see it!

The L Word: Generation Q

Is a Queer Beats post complete without a Gigi/Dani post? This time it’s about Sepideh and Arienne. They decided to just casually blow our minds at a fan event.

Listen, I know we should definitely not read into any of this because it was a fan event but still… BLESS THEM!

I know the focus is usually on #Gini this season, but this couple is also giving me so many feels:

The Morning Show

I literally still cannot believe the queer storyline on The Morning Show is actually happening. But it is! And Julianna hints at not being straight!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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