The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 14, 2021

Queerest Things - Sophie and Ryan

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, this week is a quickie recap list of queer shows I’ve been watching and enjoying like the Sophie and Ryan and Kate drama on Batwoman!

So many shows, so little time! This week instead of going deep into one or two shows I decided to do short recaps of almost everything I’ve been watching lately with queer content.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Feel Good – Season 2

My wife and I binged Feel Good season two when it dropped on Netflix recently. I found it to be the same mix of funny, disturbing and depressing as season one, but definitely worth the watch. Mae Martin’s storytelling really takes you on a unique emotional journey. The feelings from this show stuck with me days after I finished watching it.

Also, Mae and George’s relationship is problematic but their chemistry is off the charts.

Feel Good - Mae and George

This season is sadly the second and last, but I feel like it ends in a satisfying place.

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 6

Ava and Sara haven’t been reunited yet, which is frustrating, but I loved this shout-out to Wynonna Earp.

I love when shows with big queer fandoms support each other!

Batwoman – Season 2

I am absolutely LOVING this season of Batwoman. I think they are doing a great job of addressing Black Lives Matter, pivoting to a new superhero and making us quickly get emotionally attached to her. Also, it’s wonderful to have a show you can count on for lots of queer content every week.

I have to admit my favorite part of this season is the Sophie and Ryan and Kate drama. From the beginning, I’ve been shipping Sophie and Ryan and the show knows it.

Enemies to Lovers, yes please!

Plus they’ve been releasing promo pictures looking like this.

Batwoman - Sophie and Ryan

But now, Kate Kane (and the love of Sophie’s life) is alive! What does that mean for Sophie and Ryan?

I couldn’t have cooked up a better love triangle. BRING ON THE LESBIAN DRAMA, Batwoman! I am enjoying it so much.

Pose – Season 3

Ugh, the Pose finale killed me.

There will be a before Pose and after Pose timeline in queer TV history. Queer black and brown people telling their own stories — we can’t go back after this. The show told stories of queer hardship, joy and love like no other. I will miss all of the characters (especially Elektra) forever.

Steven Canals tweeted about the very last scene.

Throughout history, no matter how many laws they pass against us and how many acts of violence are inflicted on our community they can not stop us from being ourselves.

Pose finale - Blanca walking
The Chi – Season 4

The Chi, like always, has been a tough watch. Dre has been helping Jada with her cancer diagnosis while keeping it a secret from Nina. This makes it looks like Dre is sneaking around. I hate mix-ups like that (full disclosure: I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet so I don’t know if Nina knows about the cancer yet or not). Kevin is fucking up and Keisha is pregnant with her rapist’s baby.

Also stressing me out is one of Trig’s transphobic friends saying shit about Imani behind his back. I am so scared something bad is going to happen to her. If he tries it I hope she pulls a Root and defends herself with two guns.

But my favorite thing about the show is still Roselyn.

The Chi - Roseyln

She makes things better.

For All Mankind – Season 1

My wife and I are not space people. We are the opposite of that. But Mika really loves this show and so do other people in the LezWatch community so I decided to give it a try.

OMG, y’all we are OBSESSED!

My wife and I call it Space Show or Lesbian on the Moon and many of our conversations currently revolve around Space Show and when we can watch the next episode of Space Show.

When I watched the first episode it looked like it was going to be centered around a bunch of male astronauts and their wives (as an afterthought). I was so wrong. It’s an alternative history of how things could have been if the Russians made it to the moon first and also put a woman on the moon before us.

The character development is SO GOOD and I was hooked by the end of episode 2. The queer characters are lesbian astronaut, Ellen, and her bartender girlfriend, Pam.

For all Mankind - Pam and Ellen

Do y’all recognize who’s playing Ellen? It’s Jodi Balfour who played Gladys on Bomb Girls! She is a VERY different character on this show.

Clarice – Season 1

Last year Jen Richards posted the cutest tweet conversation with her then-fiance/now wife about always being cast as straight.

Take note, Autostraddle, Jen got her wish in Clarice.

Clarice - Julia and Erin

I hope this solves the Gay Emmy conflict in their relationship. 😄

I am enjoying Clarice and I am so happy Jen gets to play a hero in this series.

This week: My wife and I will be watching Space Show. I also hope they’re able to Back to the Future bring Sara Lance back to life for the 10th time on Legends.

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