Is The Bold Type’s Scarlet an Autostraddle for the Straights?

Is The Bold Type’s Scarlet an Autostraddle for the Straights?

Episode three of The Bold Type is rolling on out, or rather “Rolling Into the Future” and it’s coming with some interesting changes.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for episode 3 “Rolling into the Future” of The Bold Type!

The byline for this week’s episode is as follows:

Jane faces unexpected performance reviews that shake her confidence in The Failing Feminist. Sutton’s attempts to move on from her divorce are thwarted by other’s opinions, and Kat reunites with Adena, who has a secret.

Where Everyone Stands

If you remember last week, Jane stepped up and accepted responsibility at the Scarlet UpFronts, saying the needed-to-be-redacted exposé was her fault. While many people (myself and Jacqueline included) thought this was a bold, leader move, Jane has her own doubts. For example, how did this happen in the first place? She was kind of romping around with her new beau and employee! Well now it’s time to step up and go to HR about their relationship, and what will that mean?

Meanwhile, Alex has moved on to work at Pinstripe, which gave room to promote everyone’s favourite sex positive writer, and give her a vertical: Lovelust! And her first article is about sex toys, and when to introduce them to a relationship.

I had to pause here, because my first thought was “Didn’t Autostraddle write about that?” And yes they did! Which makes me think that maybe Scarlet and their online magazine are really what the non-queers need.

Of course the pitch meeting was derailed when the fabulous drag queen Andrew (who was late — he’s never late) figured out that Sutton had changed her last name on her socials. At the end of last week, Richard wanted a divorce, you see, and this is Sutton’s answer.

Change and Growth

But let’s be honest here. You’re watching for Kat and Adena most of the time, so I am delighted to tell you that Adena is in this episode. Not like last week when it was her face and a credit, she’s in the episode, she has lines, and, well, you can see from the header image, we see her in private with her scarf off!

In last week’s episode, Kat was dealing with trying to help a friend who’d been in prison and needed a better paying job, but no one would hire a former felon. So she made a cooking video where she and her friend had different amounts of ingredients and tried to bake the same cake. The point was if you don’t give people a chance, how can they move forward?

Much like how Sutton pitched an idea for a story on life after divorce, Kat wanted this to be a new beginning for people. Which means she reached out to the best activist and photographer she knows. Adena. Together, they arranged a photoshoot to help humanize women who’ve served time in the way two passionate women who care about representation can.

Their project hits a few setbacks, and surprisingly the roles are reversed. Kat, now fully woke to the world, is more of a fighter than Adena appears to be. All those seasons of grown with Kat are delightful to see. When we first met her, she was happy to toe the status quo. Now Kat will risk everything to do what’s right. But at the same time, Adena now sees the need for moderation.

Or does she…

Where Will We End?

From season one to season five, the girls have changed dramatically. They’ve grown as humans and what was once a close friendship has developed into true family. As the season and series ends, we have yet to see what amazing people the women of The Bold Type will become.

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