The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – November 7, 2022

Queerest Things - Camille and Nova

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, it was Tracie Thoms week while we visited Hen and Karen’s first date on 9-1-1 and met Camille, Nova’s first girlfriend on Queen Sugar.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 6 “Tomorrow” [Live]

The last 9-1-1 was a classic, “A main character is on the brink of death, so let’s tell a parallel flashback story.” episode. Hen’s wife Karen was in a building explosion with their son Denny and during their rescue we flashed-back to the beginning of Ren and Hen’s relationship.

Their first date was a big set up orchestrated by Howie. Okay, I like that.

Soon we see their first hook up which was cute.

I love the walk of shame encounter with Howie.

As the episode progresses we see Hen and Ren’s first “Ex talk” and of course Eva comes up. To be honest, I wish Eva herself made an appearance because I love the drama she brings to spice the show up a little bit. You can see Karen’s red flag meter going off when Hen talks about Eva.

Fast-forward a few hairstyles and glasses later, and Hen and Ren are living together in the house we are familiar with (what happened to not getting serious?) and Hen says Eva called her. She had a baby and wants Hen to take him. Karen assumes Hen said, “Hell, no!” and when she tells her she wants the baby, Karen up and leaves.

In the end, we follow the parallel between Howie talking Karen into staying and Karen getting CPR in an ambulance as she’s whisked off to the hospital. Of course, she doesn’t leave Hen, they bring her back to life and everyone is happy they did take in baby Denny.

It was a fun episode. I love a wlw origin flashback story.

Queen Sugar – Season 7 Episode 9 “Whisper to Us” [Live]

Nova has been visiting all of her Exes this season (except her awful former professor which is fine by me) while her boring boyfriend has been away. I guess it’s a Nova relationship tour before the series comes to a close (I was yelling at my TV during the entire Calvin episode. Get that guy out of here!). Two episodes ago, Nova’s first girlfriend Camille was bought up and it motivated Nova to find her. When Camille is revealed, it is none other than the fabulous Tracie Thoms!

Queer fans have loved Tracie Thoms since she played Joanne in RENT, and when I saw her appear as Nova’s first girlfriend I, as my 16 year old would say, “froke out.”

They spent an episode hanging out, talking about the past and processing how Nova ghosted her at the end of their relationship. Nova explained how she was outed to her father who treated her differently after learning his daughter was bisexual. That is the reason Nova left Camille. Camille in turn told Nova her father visited her regularly (she owns a restaurant) and even gave her Nova’s number. He was a Nova and Camille shipper all this time.

At the end of the episode, Nova wondered out loud how things would have been different if she didn’t run out on Camille and if they had been able to do things like dance in public together.

They were totally messing with us making it look like they were about to kiss!

I guess the point of Nova visiting the ghost of exes past, is for her to get closure and show how she’s changed. She’s going to stick with her boring boyfriend and not mess around with anyone else. Okay, fine.

My wife does have a complaint through. Why do none of these shows find an excuse for Tracie Thoms to sing? She almost sings in that dancing scene a little bit. Why can’t 9-1-1 have a very special musical episode? Ryan Murphy can totally make that happen.

Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 5 “Pick up the Pieces” [Live]

I’m not here to talk about Marina. I am personally agitated with their story right now. It’s stuff that should have been resolved seasons ago.

I’m here to talk about Shondaland’s favorite random crossover lesbian couple Dayna and Peggy Knox. They first showed up a Grey Sloan in 2017 and in Station 19 last season. Last week they showed up again to volunteer for the station’s health clinic.

I love this kind of stuff and I hope they keep coming back!

PS. The Internet has spoken, Station 19 writers, send Maya to therapy already!

This week: I’m taking the week off to celebrate my wife’s and my 30th anniversary of our first date!

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