The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 16, 2022

Queerest Things - The Wilds season 2

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I air my grievances over The Wilds season 2 and its unnecessary new cast of characters.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The Wilds – Season 2 [Streaming]

I’m just going to say it — this show didn’t need boys.

I know I am biased, I could happily go the rest of my TV-watching life without watching shows full of mostly straight cis dudes, but I chose to keep an open mind going into The Wilds season 2. I really thought the series wouldn’t turn into Dude Island and it would still primarily focus on the girls. I was wrong.

In season 1 I really enjoyed the conspiracy part of the show. Rachel Griffiths’ very unethical experiment sucked me in as soon as it was revealed. Turns out, when you nearly double the cast, you don’t have time to spend on your established characters, so my favorite part of the show got the shortest end of the stick. This left the girls with half the screen time they had previously and their story felt very rushed and on the surface.

Meanwhile, despite my efforts, I could not care less about Dude Island. I honestly tried to gaf and paid attention when they were on screen, but I never became interested in a single one of them.

The time we did get with the girls was okay. Fatin is my favorite character and I would like her to get her own show, please. Leah was as annoying as last season (although the Ben Folds cameo did make me laugh) and Toni and Shelby progressed in their relationship.

The Wilds season 2

I love how anti-sappy Toni is. I am the same way.

I understand the boys were the control group in Gretchen’s messed up thesis, but LezWatchTV’s Nikki put it best:

We didn’t ask for or need this.

Now season 3 is going to be all of them on the same island with a sadistic man in charge — no, thanks. I’ll watch it of course, but thank goodness we have Yellowjackets.

Station 19 – Season 5 Episode 17 “The Road You Didn’t Take” [Live]

For the last several episodes, Maya and Carina have been dealing with Maya still being angry at Sullivan for her demotion and the ups and downs of trying to conceive and finding a donor. This episode they had a happy thing — Carina got a date for her Green Card interview. Now she has to study to prove her and Maya are in a real marriage and it’s pretty cute.

UGH I love them!

They also recently decided Jack will be their known donor.

I’ve always said, there is a lot of comedy potential in a known donor story and the episode before this one they captured some of that. I have to give the show an award for Most Realistic Insemination Scene on TV. They literally used the exact same kind of specimen cup and needle-less syringe my wife and I used.

Station 19 - Maya and Carina TTC

A+ for accuracy.

Of course, it’s Shondaland so there was a lot of unrealistic drama and exaggerated emotions, but they did their research! I am impressed.

Also, on the last episode, they did a story of a mom who tried to kidnap her transgender son to prevent him from transitioning. She was the villain in the story and got arrested as she should have. However, as real life catches up with TV writing, this story may go the opposite way. Laws are being passed to punish parents and doctors who provide gender-affirming health care to transgender children. This may not play out on a Shondaland show taking place in Seattle, but 911 Lone Star is set in Texas, a state charging parents of trans kids with child abuse for supporting their transition.

I am not looking forward to this, because it hits too close to home. But if it gets the story in front of middle America’s eyeballs I guess that is a good thing. I am shocked by the number of my straight cis progressive friends who don’t know this is happening and we have major elections coming up in the US.

This week: I may lose some kind of queer cred for saying this, but I’m finding this season of Gentleman Jack a little boring. Maybe things will pick up when Anne goes to visit her ex this week.

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