2022 In Review

2022 In Review

Looking back on 2022, I thought I’d try my hand at displaying the status of the year in a slightly different format. Sure the “This Year” page for 2022 has a lot of data, but digesting data is often helped by looking at the format differently.

747 Characters on Air

2022 saw an drop of characters on air. 2020 was the peak with 1059 characters.

Looking at the breakdown of character types, we still have a surfeit of cisgender representation!

Infographic showing the breakdown of character genders. A table is included below.

The data is combined, as we mark 13 separate gender identities, so transgender encompasses transgender men and women, and trans-non-binary. There is a little overlap, as trying to breakdown each one individually makes the chart (currently) unreadable.

Number of
of Characters

Given the nature of television, this isn’t surprising.

What is a little surprising is that the breakdown of sexuality is wider:

Infographic showing the breakdown of character sexuality. A table is included below.

Even with the ‘combining’ of LGBTQ+/Queer/not-straight/non-monosexual as ‘Queer’, it’s still painfully low. But that said, there are ‘enough’ asexuals and pansexuals to start making a visual dent!

Number of
Percentage of

This is the direction I hope to see gender representation moving!

23 Dead Characters

Thankfully this is lower than it’s been in recent years.

Infographic showing the breakdown of character living status. A table is included below. 23 characters are dead (3%) and 724 (97%) are alive.
Number of
Percentage of

Obviously we want more alive than dead.

435 Shows on Air

This is a startlingly lower number than years prior. This matches some of the data I’ve been sharing over the years, but yes, we’re getting fewer shows.

Interestingly that works out to 1.7 queer characters per show listed. Which is dreadfully low.

Infographic showing the breakdown of shows by format (TV show, mini series, etc). See table below for details
of Shows
of Shows
TV MOVIE10.23%
TV SHOW40893.79%

Webseries was a little low in 2022, possibly due to covid. TV Movies are always a weird metric, since they do skew a little Halmarky, and up until recently they had lacking representation.

What’s Next?

I’m actually working on putting some of these graphics onto the yearly pages, so everyone can look whenever they want, in an automated fashion but, for you, you get my clumsy attempt at something a little infographish.

But I do find that looking at things year by year gives you a little different idea of where we need representation to grow.

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