Things We Love: Intense Non-Kisses

TWL Intense Non-Kiss Moments

Kisses are great, but a non-kiss moment can be just as hot. These are instances of physical contact between characters that are full of electricity and leaves us wanting more. Whether it’s first realizing an attraction or a kiss interrupted, the slightest bit of physical contact can have the greatest impact. The tension is palpable!

Here are some of my favorite intense non-kiss moments:

Basically all of Killing Eve

The majority of Eve and Villanelle’s close interactions could fall into this list.

Killing Eve - Villanelle and Eve in the kitchen
Killing Eve - Villanelle and Eve
Valentina almost kisses Juliana – Amar a Muerte

It is no wonder this couple got their own spin-off, Juliantina. These two have chemistry and they are just starting to realize it. Valentina has Juliana close her eyes and feel her presence. They almost kiss, but get interrupted before it happens.

Juliantina - Valentina and Juliana almost kiss

Honorable mention, when Juliana teases a kiss after Valentina talks about living together.

Juliantina - Juliana teases Valentina
Juliantina - Juliana teases Valentina
Paige and Alex dancing – Degrassi: The Next Generation

Paige and Alex have been spending more time together and starting to get closer. What better way to express that tension than through dance? Two women dancing is not necessarily queer, but the second that hat and extra closeness happened this became extremely queer.

Degrassi - Paige and Alex Dancing
Root and Shaw’s first encounter – Person of Interest

I know flirty torture interrogations aren’t for everyone but you have to admit there is some very serious sexual tension here.

Person of Interest - Root and Shaw Flirty Torture
Cheryl and Toni almost kiss – Riverdale

I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve seen this Choni almost kiss several times. I remember queer twitter shouting when it happened live. They were so close!

Wynonna interrupts WayHaught – Wynonna Earp

This happens A LOT so I’ve picked two instances that I’ve seen Earpers share the most.

Season One, outside of Nedley’s office. The beginnings of WayHaught and trying to play it cool in front of Wynonna.

Wynonna Earp - WayHaught interrupted

Season Three, gun competition. Season three started off with a bang with guns, revenants, and a very flirtatious WayHaught going strong.

Wynonna Earp - Wayhaught with guns
Wynonna Earp - Yo, PDA Focus
Spencer and Ashley’s almost first kiss – South of Nowhere

Spencer is just figuring out that she likes girls. She and Ashley are attracted to each other but it’s a big step for Spencer. My favorite part of this scene is that it is clear that Spencer wants the kiss to happen but she also recognizes that it is a big step moment for her. When the kiss is interrupted by a surprised yet understanding Aiden, he offers to leave but Spencer she realizes that this isn’t how she wants her first kiss with Ashely to happen and she chooses to leave.

South of Nowhere - Spencer and Ashley almost kiss
South of Nowhere - Spencer leaves Ashley and Aiden
Luisita helps Amelia with her corset – Amar Es Para Siempre

I literally yelled when I saw this scene. I then proceeded to send fangirl with Nikki in all caps. The sexual tension in this scene, while slightly predictable being a telenovela and all, was the exact moment I started shipping Luimelia.

Willow and Tara move a vending machine – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is Tara’s introductory episode and it just happens to be the one with the least dialogue of the whole series so a lot of Willow and Tara’s interactions are “spoken” through body language and queer eye contact. This couple made television history and this is the scene where it all started. Two witches combining forces to move a vending machine across the room. Their magic warmed our hearts by moving some cold drinks.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow and Tara
Batwoman saves Sophie – Batwoman
Batwoman saves Sophie

Batwoman comes in swinging with the tension between Kate and Sophie in the pilot episode, thus setting the tone for the rest of the season. All we wanted was for them to kiss!

What are some other non-kiss moments of tension that you love? Feel free to reach out to me in the comments, on Twitter, or on LWTV’s Slack channel to share your thoughts.

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