Carmilla: The Movie

Carmilla: The Movie

You read that title correctly.

Carmilla, the wacky fun YouTube sensation will be a movie. In theaters and everything, if everything goes well. Digital only if not.

According to Variety — ‘Carmilla’ Lesbian Vampire YouTube Series to Become Feature-Length Movie (EXCLUSIVE):

The movie will be set five years after events of the current season 3 of “Carmilla,” which debuted in mid-September. In the film, Laura and Carmilla will have a brand-new mystery to solve. “It’s about the band getting back together, and them going on a fun, cool, sexy Scooby-Doo adventure,” said [Jay] Bennett.

Check out the official movie site and cheer! You can preorder the movie through Vimeo’s VHX Service at If you just want the movie, it’s $9.99. If you want bloopers and commentary, it’ll be $14.99. If you want everything including extra content, it’s $20.99.

Also remember to watch Act 3 of the final season of Carmilla.

I guess they live.

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