April 2017 Round Up

April 2017 Round Up

April brought up 20 years of Ellen being gay, which is really quite astounding when you think about it…

  • 34 Shows Added
  • 100 Characters Added
  • 3 Character Died

Deaths This Month

2017 is off to a slow death-start. On TV at least. We missed a death last month. Citlali López (from Ingobernable) died on March 24th. Here’s the death toll for April:

What’s New?

A conversation went something like this:

Tracy: We should be able to dynamically list characters.

Mika: What do you mean?

Tracy: Like … We should be able to show all pansexual cisgender artists!

Mika: All one of them?

As it turns out there are actually two pansexual cisgender artists!

And if you clicked that link, you’d be taken to a page that lists them, because we’re using FacetWP to dynamically sort and order characters! That means the sidebar now allows you to sort characters and shows how you want. Within reason. I’m working on adding the data in sortable ways, so if there’s something we’re missing and you’re interested in, let us know!

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