Fall 2017 Preview – Daytime TV

Fall 2017 Preview – Daytime TV
I didn’t forget about this! Soaps are a taste I never acquired, and since they go on year-round it’s hard to peg a ‘season’ to any reasonable timeframe. With that in mind, good news for everyone. We have some lesbians again. I skimmed through the list of soaps with LGBT characters, and it’s overwhelmingly male. Apparently gay (white) men are still more socially acceptable.

Soapy Lesbians

My queer baiting lede aside, The Young and the Restless has finally succumbed to reality and brought in a young and restless lesbian. They had a suggestion that Katherine Chancellor was bisexual, way back in the day, but that was only hinted at. Not until 2017 did the show finally step up and gay it up. Their medically inclined friends over at General Hospital have, meanwhile, been diagnosed with a severe case of cold feet. In 2016 they had a weird, kinda predatory, lesbian relationship with Kristina and her professor, Parker. Parker left to be with her wife, but she’s back now and sparks ‘may’ fly. But I doubt it.

Not Much New Under the Sun

And yes, that’s it. That’s all we can tell you about American soaps for the 2017-18 season. I wish it could be more, but soaps aren’t known for being super progressive.

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