June 2017 Roundup

June 2017 Roundup

Here are June’s quick stats:

  • 1 character died (out of 16 total for 2017)
  • 44 characters were added to the site
  • 22 shows were added to the site

What’s New?

Not a whole lot on the code front. I’m working on a “When did they die?” feature for Alexa Echo’s and maybe a WordPress plugin. The idea of saying “Hey Alexa, ask Bury Your Queers when Lexa died.” is morbid. Due to travel and work obligations, we didn’t get to add as many new characters as we’d like. Don’t worry. We’ve found a whole new resource to scour through.

Gotham Kills Barbara

While Barbara Kean is the only death for June, it’s a painful one. They really dragged that character through the mud and destroyed her.

Sense8 Got a Reprieve

This came out of nowhere. But yes, it’s true, it’s true! We’re going to get a wrap up, 2-hour, episode of Sense8 and will finally rescue Wolfgang. Here’s hoping we get a Nomita wedding.

Wynonna Earp Needs Your Help

While the second season is going strong, Wynonna Earp could use your boosting on social media. Help it get trending on Fridays and re-watch your DVRs.

Degrassi Will Be Back Soon

Whatever it takes, you know Degrassi Next Class will be back on Netflix soon. How soon? Like July 7th soon!

LezWatch In The World

This month was a peculiar month simply because we went everywhere and didn’t even mean to. Well. Kind of.

Covering The Coasts

Tracy went to New York City see an early premiere of Orphan Black with the cast present.

They were all so great and talked a lot about the importance of realistic, 3-dimensional LGBT representation.

It was very emotional and the cast passed a pack of tissues around because they were all crying.

Later that same day, I went to Studio City (aka LA) to see a live taping of One Day at a Time, and had a chance to say hello to the producers.

Team LezWatch Went To Paris!

Both Tracy and I went, for work, to Paris. I know. The hardships. Both of our jobs sent us, and naturally we took the time for a little LezWatch hang out. We even watched the second episode of Wynonna Earp together (spoilers: I closed my eyes when Waverly ate the spider and Tracy laughed). Then Tracy made me watch Steven Universe to seduce me into yet another show.

What’s Next?

In July, Tracy and I will again be together for the inaugural WordCamp DC. She and I make our living off WordPress, more or less, and obviously we like it or we wouldn’t run this site on it. Speaking of, I’ll be talking about using WordPress to power your passions and change the world. And yes, I’ll be talking about the Bury Your Queers trope and Lexa Deserved Better. If you’re in town, tickets are $40 for three days of amazing talks.


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