Back to the Badlands Tonight

Back to the Badlands Tonight

Into the Badlands returns tonight!

I had a really hard time getting into this show at first, but after meeting some of the cast and crew at WonderCon, and being told by a great number of people that it was really that good, I gave it a chance again. I’m glad I did!

What’s it all about?

First, hand wave yourself into a post-apocalyptic future. Okay good. It’s the future, everything went to shit. No one has guns, but there are still cars. No planes. When we start, Sunny is a Regent, the head of a Baron’s militia (called Clippers because they … clip … people). He goes to handle things and accidentally saves a boy, M.K., who gets super powers when he bleeds. The Widow, another Baron, wants M.K. for herself, and Sunny just wants to bail with his pregnant girlfriend.

Absolutely nothing goes according to anyone’s plans.

Look I know what you’re thinking. It sounds incredibly heterocentric, and to be fair, the first season really is. The bad guy is a white dude with a Southern accent that didn’t sound at all like my in-laws, but I’ll excuse because it’s post-apocalypse. There are sex workers and drugs and everything seems like a sausage fest.

And then … we have The Widow.

Everything’s better with powerful women who don’t take anything lying down. The Widow is awesome. She was a Baron’s wife, killed him, took over, and raised an army of women (called Butterflies and not Clippers). She’s amazing.

What about the Queer?

Okay I know why you’re here. Why would I talk about a show that doesn’t have the queer? I wouldn’t! We have two! Tilda and Odessa.

In season one, Tilda, the head Butterfly, is somewhat interested in M.K. Probably because The Widow is as well. However in the beginning of season two, Tilda and The Widow free a bunch of Dolls (sex workers) and one of them is Odessa. The Dolls all join the Butterflies, like you do, and Odessa and Tilda hit it off, dancing around each other until I shouted “Kiss!” But Odessa doesn’t like that The Widow is making alliances with men (can’t blame her) and is going to leave until Tilda asks her to stay and Odessa kisses her.

Big sigh.

Season two gets dark, and Tilda and The Widow have it out. Tilda looses and end up imprisoned, but Odessa saves her and they run off together.

What’s Next?

At the end of season 2, Veil (Sunny’s lover) was dead, and he was now a single dad, Bajie called for help from Azra, and Tilda and Odessa bailed on The Widow.

They aired the trailer at WonderCon (about 5 minutes before they showed everyone else) and I actually watched that before I saw the show. Yeah I know.

When we pick up in season three, Sunny is trying to avoid everyone but Henry, his baby, is sick. He has to team up with Bajie, who’s slipped into his old ways, and go back … into the Badlands. Which is not a great thing, because The Widow and Baron Chau are in an all-out war.

Meanwhile, Tilda and Odessa are playing in the forest. Now known as The Iron Rabbit, Tilda and Odessa are playing Robin Hood for Lydia’s refugees. You know it won’t last. All signs point to Tilda having her allegiances tested yet again, and since Bajie’s call to Azra brings some … unexpected results, that reconciliation may have to happen soon…

There will be new heroes and villains, epic fights on towers, new costumes, and a bunch of costumes that are amazing. Seriously, the work on this show… Just look!

Whew. The show looks as crazy as it’s ever been, which is bound to be fun.

Check out Into the Badlands season 3 tonight, Sunday the 22nd!

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