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Carol’s A Demon

Do you like fun supernatural/horror? Not the silly stuff where people jump out at you and raaaaaaar and my heart is in my stomach. And not the gory blood everywhere and people laughing maniacally. No no, I mean fun supernatural comedy about a demon who wants to be okay because she’s in love with a nun, and a homebody lesbian who has to help save the world.

You know, like … Carmilla supernatural/horror?

Well my friends, have I got the show for you! It’s called Carol’s A Demon and it’s a hoot.

Carol’s A Demon

As they put it:

When Sofia and her friends accidentally summon an optimistic demon named Carol, Sofia has to figure out if she’s willing help the 3,000 year old demon get into heaven by stopping the apocalypse or try to send her back to hell? Carol’s A Demon is a comedic webseries about friendship and what it means to be a good person.

We’ve seen the pilot (and so can you) and we like it.

Help Fund Carol’s A Demon

They filmed the pilot, yes, but they need money to make the rest. And here’s where you come in. Toss them a buck or ten and help get another queer positive, queer friendly, queer demony show get made:

Happy Demons, folks!

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