April 2018 Roundup

April 2018 Roundup

It’s … spring? Right? So all this snow can stop. What doesn’t stop is time.

  • 21 shows added
  • 74 characters added
  • 1 character died

Of note, we did add a queer death into March. Karen Williams (from Star) was confirmed as dead. That’s 4 so far for 2018. I’m starting to worry. A few years of record highs followed by a record low, usually means negative bounce backs are in our future.

Coming and Going

It’s that time again. TV stations are annoying who is, and isn’t getting renewed. Coming back next year includes some of our favorites (One Day at a Time), our somewhat guilty pleasures (Madame Secretary), our shows we don’t even watch and how on earth is this still on (all shows with ‘NCIS’ in the name, plus Supernatural), and of course, our Beebos (Legends of Tomorrow).

Not everything gets another season though. I’m sorry to say farewell to the following (please turn on Sarah Maclachlan’s “I Will Remember You”):

Currently a total of 25 shows with representation have been canceled in 2018.

The Fosters will be over soon, too. Guess we’ll have to live-tweet that one.


We’ve introduced a new aspect to generating show scores: intersectionality.

In order to get a flag for intersectionality, you must have positive representation of an aspect of diversity as it pertains to queer characters. We’re being super nit picky about it too, since having just one character of color isn’t enough to call a show racially diverse. I except some loud discussions about this in our future, but our goal remains simple.

Let’s make it easier for you to find yourself on TV.

Sneak Attacks by Killers

A couple shows had unexpected queerness. Siren has a mermaid (yes, I know that sirens and mermaids aren’t the same thing), who’s magical influence works on everyone. Yes, including the ladies. Killing Eve has a bisexual assassin, though honestly I’m not comfortable saying she’s bisexual as much as who-cares-sexual and just likes sex, indiscriminately. Both these shows have one big thing in common. They have a serious killer. Which does make me worry I’ll be adding “The Big Bad Queers” to the shows soon. The assassin kills because she’s hired to, the mermaid killed a dude who tried to take advantage of her. I’m not really upset about either of those things…

Shout Outs

Big thanks this month to Lola, who sent us a list of shows we didn’t have. I’m still working on that. Super thanks to Laura, who made us a spreadsheet (spreadsheet y’all) with some help sorting out intersectionality! And a hat tip to everyone who pointed out we missed a bisexual on Station 19. Should have known Shondaland wouldn’t disappoint.

We love when people help us make this site even better.

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