The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – May 7, 2018

Queerest things - Moira and Caitlyn handmaid's tale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week: We catch up with Moira in Canada on The Handmaid’s Tale; Arizona makes a major decision on Grey’s Anatomy; and I pay tribute to the first TV love of my life.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 2 Episode 3 “Baggage” [Live]
  2. This week on Our Worst Nightmares, we see what Moira’s up to in Canada. She is living with June’s husband and another roommate who doesn’t say much. She is also helping new refugees get acclimated to life in Canada.

    She goes out one night to a club and bangs a random woman in the bathroom. After that’s done, she doesn’t want the woman to reciprocate or hang out at all.

    The Handmaid's Tale - Moira and Caitlyn

    She used her sex worker name. I guess Moira is having post-escaping the US intimacy issues.

    After she gets home, her roommate makes a joke, and I laugh for the second time ever watching this show.

    The Handmaid's Tale - Blessed be the Froot Loops

    That was funny, but this show is still bleak as AF.

    I swear I’m not a masochist, but I keep watching this show anyway. Let’s see what fresh Hell they bring us next week.

  3. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 22 “Fight for Your Mind” [Live]
  4. First, this isn’t specifically gay, but I was happily surprised by Karev’s mom being THE BIONIC WOMAN!

    Lindsay Wagner Grey's Anatomy

    Lindsay Wagner The Bionic WomanLindsay Wagner is my first TV love of my life. I must have been 7/8-ish years old and I was completely in love with the Bionic Woman. Jamie Sommers was my first big crush.

    She was strong, had super hearing, and caught bad guys, but she was sensitive too. She is definitely the root of my love for TV ladies.

    If it weren’t for The Bionic Woman, I may not be as TV-obsessed as I am today. Thank you, Lindsay Wagner, for all you have done.

    Okay, enough of that. Back to Arizona and crew.

    Arizona and Carina are still having the same issues they’ve been having for the last bazillion episodes. Will Carina bail? Will Sofia get all of Arizona’s attention while Carina pouts? Rinse repeat.

    Sofia stole $1,200 from school, and Arizona broke into Sofia’s diary to discover she stole the money to buy a one-way ticket back to Callie in NYC.

    Team We’re Leaving Grey’s (Arizona and April) talk about what she should do about Sofia’s thievery.

    Grey's Anatomy - I can't keep her here

    They’re setting us up for an Arizona exit to NYC, y’all.

    By the end of the episode it looks like Arizona has made a decision. We peek in on Arizona and Carina in Arizona’s kitchen seemingly right after she tells Carina her plan.

    I’m bummed Arizona is leaving Seattle and Carina for New York. I really like Carina and her together. Does this mean we’ll keep Carina for season 15? Also, do you think Arizona wind up back with Callie? Are Penny and Callie still a thing? We have two episodes left to find out.

    P.S. Did you all catch this little exchange:

    Grey's Anatomy - I'm the love of her life

    I thought that was pretty funny.

There are suddenly so many shows on Sunday night (Vida, Killing Eve, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sweetbitter, etc.) it’s going to be hard for me to write it all up by Monday. I may be a week behind on all of those.

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