One Vida at a Nine-Nine: Latinx TV is Changing the World

One Vida at a Nine-Nine: Latinx TV is Changing the World

I know it’s been hard to separate entertainment from politics these days, and realistically they’ve always been intertwined. The best comedy comes alongside self-reflection and realizations. But also we know that the shows we love need to address and reflect the world in which we live. Representation matters, and the creators of television are often working hard at making sure we see ourselves and our friends. The wisest of those shows knows they can’t do it alone, which brings us to the perfect amalgamation of One Vida at a Nine-Nine, or how Latinx TV is changing the world.

One Vida at a Time

On June 19th, Gloria Calderón Kellett and Tanya Saracho, show runners of One Day and a Time and Vida, respectively, teamed up to help end family separation at the border, and to welcome asylum seekers in the United States. They named their project One Vida at a Time.

They went on to challenge all the writers rooms to stand up and speak out, bringing awareness to the problem. Shows from Jane the Virgin to The Good Doctor joined them in speaking out. They were even picked up by Vanity Fair after they marched wearing their wonderful shirts.

One Day at a Nine-Nine

And then on July 10th, we found out the two wonderful Latina actors from Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be guest staring on One Day at a Time!

This comes after Gina Rodriguez was on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a ride share driver who has a connection with Rosa. So really all we need now is someone from Jane the Virgin to show up on ODaaT and the circle is complete.

One Step at a Time

The obvious non-obivious about all this is that representation matters, and shows like Vida (who cast ODaaT and The Bold Type writer Michelle Badillo as a guest) and One Day at a Time aren’t just talking the talk. They aim to change the world one day at a time, by showing us the people we’ve always seen in our lives on TV.

It’s no shock that some of our favourite shows are doing this. In fact, it’s probably because they’re being so inclusive that we’re so much in love with these shows. They are our world, and we see them and they see us, and it means even if the show is the darkest thing on the planet, we can tell it comes from the same heart we do.

One step at a time, shows with good representation are leading the way into the future of successful entertainment. They’re noticed by more than just the isolated fandoms. So make some noise and, like Vida and One Day at a Time, challenge your friends to watch these shows and pass it along.

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  • Not everyone is able to go to Outfest or promo events. She’s still listed as cast, she still promotes the show. It’s the off season (they’re just writing season two now) so anyone who claims that her absence is a SIGN is just stirring the pot. People said the same thing about Grace on Black Lightning (yes she’s back). And Adena for season three of The Bold Type (she’s also back). Unfounded speculation like that is generally something to avoid.

    • Thanks. Glad you were available to ask, even if I am not as sanguine as you are.

      • Heh. I’ve been in fandom for a billion years. Before the Internet even. There are moments to panic about your favs being offed, and the break between seasons when they’re not even done writing anything is not time to worry. Wait till people start posting about table reads, and even then, remember that people do other things in the summer. A lot of actors do movies or other series or charity etc. 🙂

  • They did a table read this week and Maria Elena was not there. Nor apparently was she there for wardrobe fittings. That’s what fed the latest round of speculation.

  • FYI. A Deadline Hollywood article on the addition of two male cast members contained this paragraph:
    “In addition to Barrera and Prada, Ser Anzoategui, Chelsea Rendon, Carlos Miranda and Roberta Colindrez also star.”

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